Make Money Spring Cleaning – All From Your Phone

September 26, 2016   By The SOE Team

Make Money Spring Cleaning – All From Your Phone

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming – spring is in the air. As tradition goes, the lovely weather means it’s time for a full-on overhaul of your home. While for some, spring cleaning means scrubbing baseboards and windows, for others, it can go as far as cleaning out your attic or even starting fresh with a new wardrobe or furniture set-up.

For those folks who do purchase new items for their fresh start, it may be tempting to throw away that old sofa or your unwanted clothes. Let’s face it: tossing it is in the trash is much easier than posting items on a site like Craigslist and waiting to see if you get an offer. However, technology is making it easier to make a quick buck off of something you were tossing in the landfill.

Instead of contributing waste, do your spring cleaning and make some extra money – all from your phone. Check out these five apps that make selling secondhand items as easy as posting to Instagram.

5 common apps used for reselling items

1. Gone is a concierge app that allows consumers to buy and sell used electronics. The most comprehensive of selling apps, Gone can handle everything from providing boxes, packing and picking up your old items so they can be sold without a hassle. This app’s algorithm-based pricing finds the best price for whatever it is you’re trying to get rid of. Gone is available across the U.S. but for lucky residents of the Bay Area, New York City, Austin and Seattle, Gone can send a team member right to your home to help prepare your electronics for sale and shipping. Otherwise, you’ll be sent everything you need to get the job done.

2. Vinted is a one-stop-shop for buying, selling swapping or just getting rid of your used clothing, shoes and other fashion accessories. With a goal of making secondhand the first choice, Vinted is available all over the world. All you have to do is take photos of your unwanted fashion items and upload them with a price. For a small fee, Vinted will handle the middleman work by providing you with a shipping label and facilitating the sale or swap. As a result, that dress in the back of your closet will either be replaced by something you’ll actually wear or make you a few dollars. Better than tossing it? Mother Nature would say so.

3. THREDUP is essentially an app-based consignment store but instead of taking your clothes down to the local store, you send them to THREDUP and they handle all the work. All you have to do is order a free “Clean Out Kit” and pack it full of that stuff in the back of your closet that you’ll never wear again. Keep in mind, THREDUP will only consider clothing that is defect-free, on-trend and top brand. If your clothing is accepted, any item that is listed for less than $60 is paid to you upfront. Otherwise, your clothes will go into consignment and you will be paid as soon as the item(s) sell. And if you aren’t interested in the money, THREDUP allows you to donate your profits to a cause.

4. POSHMARK is a style community within an app that allows you to post unwanted fashion items in a matter of 60 seconds and then interact within the community to find your style-mate. From browsing available items and selling your pre-loved clothing to attending Posh Parties that allow you to browse, buy and list certain items such as designer handbags or even brands such as Michael Kors. Once your item is sold, POSHMARK handles the packaging by sending you a pre-paid envelope that you can send through the post office. The app even offers coverage. Posh Protect guarantees your purchase by refunding your payment if your item never arrives.

5. Chairish is your go-to app for selling vintage furniture. So if you’re looking to upgrade from your art deco seating arrangement to a more modern set-up, Charish can make sure those precious antiques don’t end up in the landfill. Posting your pre-loved items can be done in as little as two minutes and you’ll have a say throughout the sales process by receiving and responding to offers from your device. Once you seal the deal, Chairish will even organize pick-up or shipping details and you’ll cash out with 80% of the final purchase price.