Texas tops nation in generating wind energy

April 23, 2019   By Arthur Murray

Texas tops nation in generating wind energy

It’s no secret to Texans that the state is a leader in generation of wind energy. In January, the most recent month for which data is available from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas produced 6,842 thousand megawatt hours of electricity – one megawatt hour is enough to power 750 homes at once.

Texas is not only a leader in wind energy – it is, by one major measure – the leader in it. The state’s production is more than twice that of its nearest rival, Oklahoma. Not only that, Texas produces more than a quarter of the nation’s wind-generated electricity.

Following are the 10 states that produce the most electricity from wind power, the amount of electricity they produce (in thousand megawatt hours, and the percentage of the U.S. total electricity generated by wind:

State Production % of US total
Texas 6,842 27.2
Oklahoma 2,437 9.7
Iowa 2,312 9.2
Kansas 1,723 6.8
Illinois 1,406 5.6
North Dakota 1,062 4.2
Minnesota 1,048 4.2
California 1,012 4.0
Colorado 940 3.7
Indiana 611 2.4

Five largest Texas wind farms

  • Roscoe Wind Farm near Abilene 627 turbines, 781.5 megawatts
  • Horse Hollow Wind Energy Centre in Taylor and Nolan counties, 421 turbines, 735.5 megawatts
  • Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm in Sterling and Coke counties, 407 turbines, 662.5 megawatts
  • Sweetwater Wind Farm in Nolan county, 392 turbines, 585 megawtts
  • Buffalo Gap Wind Farm in Nolan and Taylor counties, 296 turbines, 523.3 megawatts

Other states also claim wind title

While Texas is king of wind as far as overall production, other states finish ahead of it in another important measure – the percentage of a state’s overall power from that source. There states generated more than a third of their electricity in January from not-so-thin air.

Because the Lone Star State generates more electricity than any other state – 38,146,731 megawatt hours in January, for example – the percentage that comes from wind is diluted. That said, Texas still ranks among the top 10 in the percentage of its electricity that comes from wind.

Following are the top 10 states in terms of the percentage of their electricity that comes from wind generation:

State % from wind State % from wind
Iowa 39.0 Maine 21.6
Kansas 38.5 Minnesota 19.3
Oklahoma 34.0 New Mexico 18.7
South Dakota 28.6 Colorado 18.4
North Dakota 27.6 Texas 17.9

The rest of the Texas energy story

Now that it has been established that Texas gets 17.9 percent of its electricity from wind power, the question arises: Where does the rest of the state’s energy come from?

Following are the top energy sources for Texas and the percentage of power derived from each:

Source Percentage of %
Natural gas 49.4
Coal 22.0
Wind 17.9
Nuclear 8.5
Hydroelectric 0.6
Solar 0.6
Wood 0.2
Other biomass 0.1