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July Rate Reports on Texas' Deregulated Energy Market

As one of the most mature deregulated energy markets, Texas often serves as an example of a successful deregulation model. More than half of the Texas population is served by one of the six deregulated transmission and distribution utilities (TDUs) across the state.

The data presented below offers some basic insight into the Texas electricity market. All price points are the 2,000 kWh rates published on www.powertochoose.org, except where otherwise noted. Averages are calculated monthly with data points from all providers publishing an applicable rate and are presented by utility area and as a combined statewide average for the purposes of comparison. For media inquiries, please contact Kim Cossa at kim@saveonenergy.com

Texas Electricity Rates of the Past 12 Months

Average 12-month fixed rate in the service territory.
Rate information gathered from www.powertochoose.org.

What this chart represents:

This chart gives consumers an easy way to digest pricing trends by isolating just one type of product – the 12-month fixed-rate plan. You can select your utility area at the top or just take a look at the overall Texas average.

Monthly Pricing Trend by TDU

Average Electricity Price Trends
  • Centerpoint
    - 4.41 %
  • Oncor
    - 3.33 %
  • TNMP
    - 3.37 %
Trends are based on a comparison of 12-month fixed-rate plan averages with those of the previous month. Rate information gathered from www.powertochoose.org.

What this chart represents:

This data demonstrates how quickly electricity prices in Texas can change from one month to the next.

Commonly Selected Plans

Popular Plan Selection by Term
Statistics based on product selections of SaveOnEnergy.com online cart customers in Texas.

What this chart represents:

Electricity plans come in many shapes and sizes. This graph shows which term lengths are most popular.

Green Energy Popularity

Popularity of Green Energy Plans
Percentages listed represent choices of consumers who purchased a new Texas electricity plan through a SaveOnEnergy.com representative or online cart.

What this chart represents:

This data shows how often customers use their power to choose in Texas by selecting a green energy plan.

Year-to-Year Pricing Trends

Average 12 Month Electric Prices
Rate information gathered from www.powertochoose.org.

What this chart represents:

While comparing electricity rates from the past month is valuable, sometimes it's nice to take a step back. This chart sums up how the price of a 12-month fixed-rate plan has changed in 12 months.

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