Moving is no easy task. From packing up your things to setting up your new home, the act of relocating can be a challenge. Follow this checklist to make sure you move stays on track!

Plan for your move

  • Call to schedule the disconnection of utilities for your move date.
  • Discontinue services, such as Internet or cable in your old home.
  • Arrange to take time off from work to accommodate your move.
  • Reserve a moving truck, or hire a professional moving company.
  • Decide on the meals you will eat leading up to your move. Don't buy more perishable items than you plan to consume.

Start the packing process

  • Gather boxes, tape and other packing essentials.
  • Go through your things and donate or sell items you would like to get rid of.
  • Pack the items you would like to take with you to your new home. Have plenty of materials to cushion your items, such as clean towels, bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Gather moving day essentials, such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, snacks, drinks, first aid supplies and the keys to your new place.

Prepare for you new home

  • Set up you utility services for your new home following this step-by-step guide.
  • Check into options for television, Internet and phone services.
  • Forward your mail and notify the Post Office of your change your address.

Settle in

  • Unpack your belongings and arrange your furniture.
  • Add or update your home security system.
  • Update your driver's license with your new address and register your vehicle if you've moved out of state.
  • Explore your new neighborhood.

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