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Learn About NIPSCO in Indiana

NIPSCO, with headquarters in Indiana, is one of several energy distribution companies owned by NiSource Inc., a regulated energy company whose distribution companies serve 3.8 million electric and natural gas customers located in seven states. NIPSCO in Indiana has more than 468,000 electric and 821,000 natural gas customers across the northern third of the state and is the largest natural gas distribution company and the second largest electric distribution company in Indiana. NIPSCO in Indiana is responsible for supplying and delivering electricity as well as maintaining its infrastructure of power lines and gas pipes. It can also sell natural gas supply, but because of natural gas deregulation it's not your only option. NIPSCO is the only utility in Indiana where both residents and businesses have the opportunity to choose what company supplies their natural gas. This gives NIPSCO customers the ability to shop around to find the best deal on natural gas.

Deregulation in Indiana

In Indiana, only the natural gas market is deregulated. Because of this deregulation legislation, if NIPSCO in Indiana is your local utility, you can choose from several competing natural gas suppliers to provide your gas supply. This means that you can look into your natural gas supply options, compare prices and call a natural gas supplier to sign up for a plan that best fits your needs.

Details on NIPSCO in Indiana services

Regardless of whether you purchase your natural gas supply from NIPSCO or another gas supplier, NIPSCO in Indiana will still deliver your natural gas supply, read your meter, respond to emergencies and maintain pipelines. NIPSCO will remain your utility and continue to provide its essential service. Even if you choose a retail natural gas supplier, it is still important for you to know the NIPSCO Indiana phone number in case of an emergency. You should call the NIPSCO phone number for your area if you experience a power outage, see a down power line or notice a gas leak. If there is a gas-related emergency, be sure to get away from the area and call the NIPSCO phone number immediately. Once you've notified the utility through the appropriate NIPSCO Indiana phone number, listed below, it can send a team to fix the problem.

Important NIPSCO Indiana phone numbers to remember

  • NIPSCO phone number for gas leak emergencies: 800-634-3524
  • NIPSCO phone number for power outages: 800-464-7726
  • NIPSCO phone number for customer service: 800-464-7726

Updated: 7-17-15