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Learn About Alternative Suppliers and Energy Companies in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is known for its friendly residents and beautiful skyline. The power of residents to choose energy their energy supply companies is just another reason Pittsburgh is a great place to live. In Pennsylvania, energy supply is separated from the utility companies. This gives consumers the opportunity to shop around for alternative energy suppliers.

Alternative Pittsburgh electricity suppliers

All Pennsylvania residents have the right to choose their electric supplier, but your options depend on where you live. Pittsburgh electricity is broken up into service areas by the energy companies. In Pittsburgh, there are two electric utility companies. If you live in the West Penn Power or Duquesne Light Company Pittsburgh electricity service areas, you have the ability to shop for an alternative electricity supplier. There are other areas of Pennsylvania where residents also have the power to choose. Consumers in the PECO or PPL service areas, for example, can also shop for alternative suppliers.

Options for Pittsburgh natural gas

Columbia Gas serves more than 421,000 customers throughout Pennsylvania, many of whom live in Pittsburgh. Natural gas customers of Columbia Gas have the option to use an alternative supply company since Pennsylvania restructured its energy industry in the late 1990s. Energy rates and plans from alternative Pittsburgh natural gas suppliers may be different from the utility.

Pittsburgh energy rates

Supply rates from the energy companies in Pittsburgh are regulated. Each energy supply plan provides a different value for consumers. Comparing each supplier and plan can give consumers the best plan for them. You may find that some supply companies offer two types of energy rate plans: secured-rate and variable-rate. Secured-rate supply plans lock in one rate per energy unit for the entire contract. With variable-rate supply plans, the rate per energy unit can change during your contract based on the market price.

When comparing energy rates and plans, be sure to consider the length of your contract. Some supply companies offer month-to-month contracts. These can provide flexibility for consumers who may not be planning to stay in Pittsburgh for a long time and don’t want a long-term commitment. Consumers who are settled in Pittsburgh may be looking for a longer contract.

Understanding your energy bill

If you choose an alternative supply company for your Pittsburgh electricity or natural gas, you will still receive a bill from your utility. The utility companies own and maintain the power lines and gas pipes, and they are still responsible for energy distribution. The bill will have the supply cost and the distribution costs broken down. In case of a power outage or natural gas leak, contact your utility company as soon as possible. Your supplier will not be able to help you.

Choose your new Pittsburgh energy plan

According to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, more than 2.5 million Pennsylvania residents have chosen an alternative energy supply plan. If you already enjoy the riding the Duquesne Incline and walking along Grandview Avenue, now you can also enjoy saving money on your energy bill. Find Pittsburgh electricity and natural gas supply companies in your area by typing in your ZIP code.

Updated: 8-31-15.

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