Potomac Edison

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Discover Potomac Edison and FirstEnergy in Maryland

Potomac Edison is an electric utility in Maryland that transmits electricity to apartments, homes and businesses within its service territory. The company is a member of the FirstEnergy group of companies. FirstEnergy consists of a total of 10 regulated electric utility companies including Potomac Edison, Toledo Edison and Ohio Edison. FirstEnergy companies provide approximately 6 million customers the power they need.

This utility serves customers in Maryland and West Virginia. In Maryland, electricity is available from multiple retail supply companies in addition to the electric utility. Consumers within this service area can stay with the utility for regulated supply rates or choose an alternative retail supplier.

Details on regulated supply rates in Maryland

Potomac Edison works closely with the Maryland Public Service Commission to offer consumers regulated supply rates. Regulated rates are only available through utilities and usually reflect current market prices. Electricity prices in the market are mainly affected by supply and demand and can change over time. According to Potomac Edison, residential and small to mid-sized business consumers will experience rate differences according to season changes. The Maryland Public Service Commission, however, approves all rate changes made by utility companies such as Potomac Edison to ensure consumers are charged properly.

Maryland electricity choices

In Maryland, consumers have the opportunity to choose which company supplies electricity to their residence or business location. Maryland electricity can come from numerous alternate retail suppliers. These alternative suppliers can offer different plans and rates than utilities.

Some consumers decide their Maryland electricity should come from their local utility company, whereas others prefer supply plans from a retail supplier. Consumers should do research to figure out what is best for their situation, and know they can switch from their utility to a supplier at any time.

Experiencing a Potomac Edison power outage?

Whether consumers stay on a regulated rate plan or switch to an alternate retail supplier, utilities control the transmission lines within its service area. Therefore, all residents in this service territory will continue to report to the utility any issues with delivery, power outages, downed power lines or any other emergencies.

Since the utility handles all emergencies and the delivery process, residents are charged a delivery fee to cover these costs. Regardless of whether residents choose to receive electricity supply from Potomac Edison or a retail supplier they still incur a delivery surcharge.

How to contact the utility

  • Area served: Maryland and West Virginia
  • Emergency contact information: 1-888-544-4877

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Updated: 7-21-15.