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PSEG: A Long-Standing Energy Company

PSEG began in 1903 as the Public Service Corporation - an organization formed from more than 400 gas, electric and transportation companies in New Jersey. By the 1930s the company grew into a huge corporation with subsidiaries throughout the Southern, Eastern and Central United States.

In 1948, Public Service officially became the Public Service Electric and Gas Company or PSE&G. As the company continued to expand, its board of directors decided to create a holding company, dubbed Public Service Enterprise Group-or PSEG as it's known today.

Learn about PSE&G in NJ

Today, PSEG consists of four companies: PSE&G, PSEG Power, PSEG Long Island and PSEG Services Corporation. It's most notable subsidiary is PSE&G, which happens to be New Jersey's oldest and largest publically owned utility. In fact, The PSE&G service area expands across 2,600 square miles and encompasses more than 300 communities.

PSE&G in NJ serves nearly three quarters of the state's population. Approximately 2.2 million electric customers and 1.8 million gas customers rely on the utility for energy service.

Details on PSE&G service

PSE&G in NJ is responsible for delivering electricity and natural gas as well as maintaining its infrastructure of power lines and gas pipes. It can also sell energy supply, but thanks to energy deregulation that's not your only option. Because of New Jersey's legislation, you have the power to choose your own electric or natural gas supplier.

In other words, you can shop for energy just as you would shop for insurance or mobile phone service. You simply look into your options, compare prices and sign up for the energy supply plan that best fits your lifestyle. Regardless of which supplier you choose, PSE&G in NJ will remain your utility and continue to provide its essential service.

Call the PSE&G phone number for energy emergencies

If you have a retail energy supplier, it's important that you know who to call in case of emergencies. Should you contact your supplier or call a PSE&G phone number?

PSE&G owns and operates the power lines and natural gas lines in your neighborhood. A large portion of PSE&G service is to take care of this energy network. No one else, including your supplier, has access to this infrastructure. If you see a downed power line or notice a natural gas leak, it's important that you call the PSE&G phone number listed below. Once you've called the appropriate PSE&G phone number, and the utility is aware of the issue, it can send crews out to resolve the situation.

Important information about PSE&G service

  • Area served by PSE&G: New Jersey
  • PSE&G phone number: 1-800-476-7736

Updated: 7-17-15