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Seven apps to help you track energy use

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The best way to cut back on your home’s energy usage – and save on those monthly electric bills – is to keep track of how energy is consumed around the house. Thankfully, there are several apps that make tracking your energy consumption a breeze. Following are a few available apps that can help keep track of your home’s energy use.

Green Outlet

With the Green Outlet app, you can monitor the energy usage of your household appliances. This app provides a list of common appliances and tells you how much energy each appliance typically uses per month. With Green Outlet, you can easily track which appliances are contributing most to your energy bill and anticipate how much your monthly bill will cost you. This app can also alert you if you’re emitting more than the recommended amount of carbon.

Energy Cost Calculator

The Energy Cost Calculator app can – you guessed it – calculate the average cost of your home’s electronics. This app requires users to enter data about your commonly used electronics and, based on this info, calculates the cost of the energy it consumes for a chosen amount of time. Like Green Outlet, the Energy Cost Calculator can also estimate the amount of carbon produced based on your energy usage.

Nest Mobile

The Nest Mobile app allows owners of a Nest thermostat to monitor and adjust the temperature in their home – even when they’re out of the house. However, the Nest Mobile app can also report the energy efficiency of other devices and show a consumer’s energy usage history. Users can watch camera footage of their home from the Nest thermostat or receive smoke and carbon monoxide alerts when the Nest Mobile app is paired with the Google Nest Protect.

Meter Plug

Like the Nest Mobile app, the MeterPlug app requires you to make an additional purchase before you can use it. Users will need to buy an external plug to sync with the application. The plug goes between an appliance and the power outlet and transmits data to the app on your phone. The app can calculate the amount of energy consumed by the device and estimate its cost.

Meter Readings

The Meter Readings app can track up to nine meters, including electricity, gas, solar and water. The app tracks the utility meters you already have in your home and compiles a report of the consumption data. Meter Readings will display all the meter data in simple, easy-to-read graphs directly on your phone. Additionally, older readings remain stored in the app, so you can compare recent data with reports from more than a year ago.

Sunpower Monitoring System

For consumers who rely on solar panels to power their home, there’s the SunPower Monitoring System. This app monitors how much solar energy is generated from solar panels. As it tracks your solar power usage, the SunPower Monitoring System app also will provide the cost of the energy consumed in your home.

My Earth

The My Earth app helps users calculate the amount of energy consumed on a day-to-day basis using five categories: Electricity, Food, Recycling, Travel and Usage. The accuracy of this app depends on users reporting their energy usage daily. My Earth provides a visual representation of energy consumption habits. The app uses carbon units to represent energy a user has spent or saved. For each completed task, the user gains carbon units to go towards their daily consumption.