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Learn About Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E)

If you reside in Rochester, electricity and natural gas are both delivered to your home through Rochester Gas and Electric. RG&E is a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, an international company that serves about 3 million customers with natural gas and electricity in the New England area. Of those customers, more than 370,000 electricity and 300,000 natural gas customers are with RG&E.

RG&E electric rates

RG&E utility rates are regulated, which means that the New York State Public Service Commission monitors and approves RG&E electric rates and natural gas prices for supply to make sure that customers are being charged a fair amount. Even though RG&E utility supply rates are approved by the New York Public Service Commission, that does not necessarily mean they are the lowest rates on the market. Since the New York energy market is deregulated, if RG&E electric rates for supply don't fit well with your family or budget, you can switch to a retail supplier. Individuals often stick with their utility and are unaware there might be better supply rates or plans available in their neighborhood. Be sure to shop around to see if RG&E utility supply rates or switching to an energy services company (ESCO) is the best option for you.

Choose a supplier in Rochester for electricity and natural gas

In Rochester, electricity and natural gas markets are deregulated. This means you have the power to choose an ESCO to supply electricity and natural gas to your home and in New York you have plenty of ESCOs to choose from. In order to make a decision you're happy with, you should explore all your options in Rochester for electricity and natural gas. By comparing ESCOs, their plans, contract lengths and supply rates, you may find a better supply rate than you had before. Even if you've stayed with RG&E utility supply rates for years, it's never too late to explore your other options and switch to an energy services company.

RG&E and renewable energy programs

With the help of RG&E and fellow Iberdrola company NYSEG, energy programs have been created to help increase awareness and use of renewable energy. RG&E and NYSEG increased the amount of hydroelectric power being generated by almost 15 percent. This produces the same savings in carbon dioxide as planting approximately 55 million trees. This renewable energy initiative, the Wind Energy program, allows customers to purchase a block of 200 kWh of wind-generated electricity every month for one year, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to planting 1 acre of trees.

Rochester Gas and Electric important information

In case of an electric or natural gas emergency, you should always have your utility company's phone number handy. In Rochester, electricity and natural gas emergencies should be reported immediately. Although you might get your electricity and natural gas supply from an ESCO, RG&E utility is still responsible for maintain and operating the power lines and pipes in your neighborhood and can therefore resolve such emergencies as soon as possible.
  • Area served by RG&E: Rochester area of New York
  • RG&E power outage number: 1-800-743-1701
  • RG&E gas emergency number: 1-800-743-1702

Updated: 7-17-15