Switching to a New Retail Energy Supplier is Easy

One of the best parts of deregulation is the ability to choose your own retail energy supplier. Not only does it set you up with the opportunity to choose a company with the lowest rate, but it gives you the chance to switch providers if you're unsatisfied with your service.

You don't have to settle for frustrating customer service or overpriced plans. You have the right to choose what company you work with. There are often dozens of options available to you in deregulated areas from a wide range of term lengths to a variety of plan types.

With so many options, having the tools to sift through them can be a huge help. Take a look at the resources to the right. You'll find a comparison checklist to help you determine what features to compare as you shop for a new supplier, such as customer service options or fees. Once, you're ready to make the switch, check out the step-by-step guide for setting up your new electricity service.

It's important to note that switching before your current contract expires could result in early termination fees. Know your contract's expiration date so you can ensure your switch happens the next day — and not before. However, if you are terminating your contract because you are moving out of the supplier's service area, you may be able to get out of any cancellation fees — just check your contract's terms and conditions to be sure.

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Setting Up Your Service

Setting up your service

Learn how to set up your electricity service with this step-by-step guide

Comparison Checklist

compare energy suppliers

Looking to switch retail energy suppliers? Check out this comparison checklist for a better understanding of what features you need to examine.