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Deregulation Gives Frisco Electric Shoppers Energy Choice

Since 2002, Texas electricity companies, residents and business owners have experienced deregulation. When the deregulation law was passed all those years ago, it opened up competition among electricity companies across the state. Texans gained the opportunity to research retail electricity companies and find the proper electric solution for their home or business.

Whether you live in Denton County or Collin County, be sure to use electric choice to your advantage as you shop around for a Frisco electric plan. With more than 150,000 residents in Frisco, it's necessary to have options when it comes to Frisco electricity rates. REPs offer competitive supply options that might meet the needs of your home's energy consumption. In addition, whatever REP you decide to use will become your primary contact for billing and customer service inquiries.

Deregulated areas in Frisco are serviced by Oncor, a Texas transmission and distribution utility (TDU). Your TDU is in charge of safely delivering electricity supply to your home. Also, the utility will respond during electrical emergencies such as a repair or outage.

If you live in a Frisco electric co-op area, your community is serviced by CoServ. In this case, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce site explains that these residents must purchase their Frisco electric supply through the co-op.

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As part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, many Frisco residents have the option to compare electric offers from leading electricity companies – or retail electric providers (REPs) – in their area.

During your search, you'll come across fixed- and variable-rate electricity supply offers. Fixed-rate plans offer customers stability. With this price-protected supply rate, Frisco electric customers can avoid any fluctuations within the energy market. In contrast, a variable supply rate can change on a monthly basis depending on Texas energy market highs and lows. Customers have the ability to take advantage of a lower supply rate with this type of plan. However, with a variable-rate supply plan, consumers also risk paying more during a period with higher electric demand – such as the hotter months across the Lone Star State.

Retail electricity companies could have unique plan options

Since retail electricity companies compete for a customer's business, different REPs may have special options available in terms of renewable energy offers, energy rewards, term lengths ranging from months to years and more. As a Frisco electric customer, take time to explore these choices.

In particular, green energy is becoming much more popular across the state. As a whole, Texas already has a large presence in the renewable energy industry. The U.S. Department of Energy shows that Texas is one of the top five renewable energy-generating states. As an energy customer, you can consider renewable energy offers from Texas electricity providers.

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Today, you can compare electricity companies and discover the right supply rate for your home or business - and SaveOnEnergy.com® makes the process simple for shoppers. With our comparison tool, you can enter in your ZIP code or find it in the table below to view Frisco electric offers available in your neighborhood. Or call in to speak to one of our energy experts for even quicker service.


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Updated: 11-4-15.

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