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Find Out About Texas New Mexico Power

Texas New Mexico Power is an electric transmission and distribution service provider in Texas that delivers power, reads meters and also constructs and maintains power lines. TNMP is a subsidiary of PNM Resources and currently only serves Texas customers. TNMP electric is provided to about 236,000 customers in the TNMP service area, which includes Northern and Central Texas, Western Texas and the Gulf Coast region.

Texas power to choose and deregulation

The Texas power to choose gives residents and business owners the ability to compare retail electric providers (REPs) and choose one that offers a plan and rate that works best for their household. In 2002, deregulation legislation opened up the electricity market in most areas of Texas. Power was given to consumers in many areas of the state, and transmission and distribution service providers were no longer the sole option for electricity supply.

Texas power customers are still tied to their Texas utility companies because regardless which retail energy provider supplies electricity for their home, most utility companies (or transmission and distribution service providers) own, maintain and operate power lines and wires and are responsible for the delivery of the commodity. This means your electricity delivery will still come from TNMP; electricity rates, however will be from your REP.

Thanks to deregulation, Texas power consumers can explore REPs, compare rates and plans and choose the best fit. Deregulation legislation does not apply to every city in Texas, however. Residents who do live in a deregulated city, such as those in the TNMP service area, must shop around and choose a REP in order to have electricity in their home.

TNMP electric delivery fee

In all areas served by TNMP, customers’ bills come from their retail providers. TNMP electricity rates reflect the cost related to the delivery of electricity and other responsibilities of transmission and distribution service providers, such as maintaining the infrastructure of power lines.

Unlike your ability to shop for rates on supply, you cannot shop and compare TNMP electricity rates for delivery. All Texas utility companies charge customers delivery fees and they are nonnegotiable. These charges are regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to ensure that only reasonable costs are passed on to you.

In case of a TNMP electric outage

Just like with all Texas utility companies, TNMP electric outages could occur. If a TNMP electric outage occurs, be sure to contact the company immediately. Sometimes, transmission and distribution service providers are unaware of some power outages, therefore, it is important to report them immediately so your power can be restored as soon as possible.

Contact information

  • Area served: Texas
  • TNMP power outage contact information: 1-888-866-7456

Updated: 7-17-15