Ben GallizziEnergy Expert

Ben is SaveOnEnergy’s energy expert. Since 2018, he’s written about a range of energy topics for and Uswitch, including covering industry news and ensuring consumers can access up-to-date information to help them save money on their gas and electricity.

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How to save energy in a pandemic winter

With most of the country likely to be locked down this winter, how can you make the most of your extended time at home and save money on your energy at the same time?

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What is the Winter Fuel Payment scheme?

All you need to know about the Winter Fuel Payment scheme. Discover if you are eligible and could save money on your energy bills today.

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A house and lightbulb symbolising consumer gas and electricity.

Who supplies my gas and electricity?

Could you save money on energy? Find out who supplies your energy, and discover if switching provider could save you money.

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Man paying standing charge on energy bill with card

What are gas and electricity standing charges?

All energy tariffs offered have a daily standing charge. Learn what they are and how they are calculated.

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Woman with new energy supplier adjusting temperature on radiator

What to do after switching energy supplier

Not sure what to do after switching energy supplier? Here's how the process works.

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Happy couple calculating their monthly energy usage

How to calculate your monthly energy usage

Learn how to calculate your monthly energy usage, and discover where you could save on energy. Could you save by switching energy supplier?

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Woman adjusting smart thermostat

Is it cheaper to leave your heating on all day?

Should you leave your heating on all day or turn it on and off as needed? Find out in our guide.

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Houses with different energy tariffs

Understanding the different energy tariffs on offer

Wondering why there are so many different tariffs and prices available in the UK energy market? Learn more about how the prices are calculated here. Could you save money by comparing energy deals and switching supplier today?

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Old couple enjoying life on the Priority Services Register

What is the Priority Services Register and how do I get on it?

The Priority Services Register was recently broadened by Ofgem. Learn what it involves and how to register.

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