Ben GallizziSenior Content Editor - Energy

Ben is SaveOnEnergy’s energy expert. Since 2018, he’s written about a range of energy topics for and Uswitch, including covering industry news and ensuring consumers can access up-to-date information to help them save money on their gas and electricity.

Mother and son using oven to cook

How can I be more energy-efficient when cooking?

We all spend time in the kitchen, and we therefore need to think about whether we're doing so in the most efficient way possible. How can you cook in an energy-efficient manner? Our guide provides some helpful tips that you might find useful.

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Close-up of hand turning key to bleed a radiator

How to bleed a radiator

In order to ensure your property is performing as efficiently as possible, you may sometimes have to bleed your radiators. Find out how to do that in our step-by-step guide.

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Fracking site

What is fracking and why is it controversial?

Discover more about the controversial energy generation method in this guide that answers all your questions on fracking in the UK.

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Business people walking in a glass office

How to compare business energy tariff prices per kWh

Switching commercial energy supplier can be daunting. Learn how to easily compare business gas and electricity tariffs with our price per kWh guide.

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Businessman holding a lightbulb

Why do businesses use half-hourly electricity meters?

An in-depth guide on half-hourly meters, including how they could help your business save on energy bills.

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Solar panels in a field

The ultimate guide to solar panels

Everything you need to know about solar panels: how they work, their lifespan, feed in tariffs, and switching energy supplier with solar panels installed.

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Air source heat pumps outside home

Air source heat pumps vs. ground source heat pumps

Heat pumps are popular additions to properties for homeowners looking to increase their energy efficiency. But what are the differences between air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps? Our guide gives you the rundown.

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Oak pellets being burned in biomass energy production

The ultimate guide to biomass energy

Biomass energy is often cited as green energy, but how does it qualify as renewable? And is it something you should be looking for in your energy supplier's fuel mix?

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Domestic wind turbine on house roof

Is a domestic wind turbine an effective home energy investment?

We've all seen wind farms, but did you know you can get individual wind turbines for your specific property? Is it worth it, though? Our guide will tell you.

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