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What are gas-only tariffs?

Whereas some customers only use electricity, or a combination of electricity and gas, gas-only tariffs are aimed at customers who only use gas appliances and networks to power and heat their homes. 

How to choose the right gas supplier

When it comes to choosing the right gas supplier, everyone will have different priorities. Most people will be driven solely by price rather than having any particularly brand loyalty. However, others will want a supplier with a good record of customer service, or a supplier which is well-known for its green initiatives. With an ever-increasing number of suppliers out there, from the established big six to the smaller upstarts looking to make their mark, there has never been a better range of choice for customers in the UK.

The best way to find the right gas supplier is by comparing gas-only plans on a price comparison website and using the filters to narrow down the plans with the features that you want. You should also be able to click on each deal to find out more information about it, helping you to make a better-informed choice. Then it should be a simple task of selecting the cheapest one and confirming your switch.

Average gas price per kWh

When you compare gas prices with a price comparison website, you’ll usually be shown your personal projection, which is an estimate of your spend over the next year based on your current plan and your current usage. 

One of the key metrics used in calculating gas prices is the price your current supplier is charging you per unit of gas you use, which is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Your projection, and therefore your bill, will also include a standing charge, which is charged per day regardless of how much gas you use. According to the Energy Saving Trust in March 2019, the average gas price per kWh is 3.74p and the average annual gas standing charge is £85.53.

Are gas-only tariffs more expensive than dual fuel tariffs?

Gas-only tariffs can be more expensive than dual fuel tariffs, but they can also be cheaper. There is no hard and fast rule that says a certain type of deal is always going to cost more than a different type of deal because there are so many variants in play, such as location, property size (which impacts energy usage) and number of occupants in the property. The best thing to do is keep a note of your energy usage and plan to run as accurate a gas comparison as possible to find the ideal plan for you.

How to compare gas-only tariffs and switch to a new supplier 

To compare gas prices and switch gas supplier, all you need to do is run an energy comparison and filter your results to only see gas-only plans. It should then be a simple task to compare the available plans and to see which one best matches your circumstances, requirements and budget. Once you’ve confirmed your switch, it should be completed within 21 days under the Energy Switch Guarantee if your new supplier is signed up to it.

However, you should remember to put in as much accurate information as possible to ensure the best results. The savings you are shown are predicated on your personal projection, which shows how much you could expect to spend in the next year if you stay on your current plan. Price comparison websites also need to know which plan you’re on in terms of the fuels you use and the type of meter you have in order for them to help make your decision as easy as possible.

How can I get a cheap gas-only deal?

The best way to get a cheap gas-only deal is to run a comparison on a gas comparison website to see which deals might be available in your area that cost less than the one you’re currently on. This will probably mean that you need to switch gas provider. Use the filters to narrow the options down and select the plan with the lowest gas price you can find. It’s worth noting that there’s always a chance you’re on the cheapest gas-only deal you can get in your area, which means that there’s nothing else you need to do.