Which suppliers offer green energy plans?

Can any supplier afford not to offer green energy in 2019?

Renewable energy is a hot topic at the moment and may well be on the list of requirements in customers’ search for an energy supplier. Despite the buzz surrounding green energy and the efforts made by different brands in a variety of markets to do their bit for the environment, not all energy suppliers offer green power. This article highlights the best renewable energy companies to turn to if you want a greener way to power your home. 

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy is serious about green power. It has recently made the shift to using 100% renewable energy sources for its electricity and lower carbon gas. Its green energy tariffs remain competitively priced, so you don’t have to pay more to do your bit for the planet. Bristol Energy’s green power comes from local energy generators, making it one of several green energy companies that concentrate on building communities through environmental efforts.  

British Gas

There is an assumption that renewable energy companies are all small-to-medium sized energy suppliers and not members of the big six, but British Gas, the UK’s leading power provider, does have green energy options. Its Home Energy Green plans offer 100% renewable electricity.  British Gas’ fuel mix also shows that 43% of its electricity comes from renewable energy sources.


Modelled as an energy supplier that is committed to clean energy, this company’s tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity as standard. It is currently the UK’s biggest supplier of green energy and Bulb’s gas is 100% carbon neutral.

Co-op Energy

Co-op Energy’s commitment to green power is demonstrated in its 100% renewable electricity (which comes as standard) tariffs. Its greenest tariff offers completely renewable electricity as well as 25% renewable gas. Co-op Energy also lets customers choose precisely where their energy comes from, so they can support local wind, hydro and solar projects.


E.ON has recently committed to offering 100% renewable electricity on all its tariffs. 

Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK offers 100% renewable gas and electricity, the only supplier to do so. It also launched the UK’s first time-of-use tariff, which reflects the varying cost of energy throughout the day and encourages customers to use power at off-peak times. 

Green Network Energy

Green Network Energy offers several green energy plans, though not all feature 100% renewable electricity. Its standard variable and prepayment plans offer 33% green energy, although all its tariffs are based on a paperless billing plan.

Green Star

Green Star’s tariffs include three green energy options, including one which comes with an Enviropack. This starter kit includes easy additions to promote energy and water conservation throughout the home, such as an eco-shower head and energy-saving light bulbs. The supplier also offers a Green Deal which allows customers to take out a loan to add renewable energy sources to their homes such as solar panels or improve efficiency by installing double glazing or loft insulation. The loan is paid back through each electricity bill.


iSupply is one of the smaller green energy companies, but its fuel mix shows it uses 100% renewable energy resources, making it a good choice for those looking for suppliers who are wholly committed to green power.


As a member of the big six, npower has numerous options for green energy. Its Go Green Energy Fix plan matches your power use with the purchase of renewable energy certificates – essentially, these create a paper trail of proof for each MWh (megawatt-hour) of renewable electricity that is generated. In partnership with Trees for Cities, npower will also plant a tree for every customer on this plan.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy uses 100% renewable electricity on all its plans. It also offers the Supergreen plan for carbon-neutral energy.

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is well on its way to disrupting the big six after taking on SSE’s customers through a recent acquisition. Notably, the brand’s 100% renewable tariffs are only accessible through a ‘green upgrade’ which adds a small extra monthly fee to your energy bills. Its standard plans come from 50% renewable sources.

Pure Planet

As the name implies, Pure Planet is all about using renewable energy. Its gas tariffs are 100% carbon neutral and its electricity is also completely green.

Shell Energy

Shell, even as one of the largest petroleum companies in the world, offers 100% renewable electricity as standard on all its plans. 

So Energy

So Energy offers green power plans for its customers, and even lets customers vote for its renewable energy sources, which include wind, biomass or tidal generators. 

Tonik Energy

Tonik Energy’s plans are exclusively green and its added services such as solar panels and Tesla Powerwall installation are all geared to help you adopt a sustainable way of life when it comes to energy. Renewable electricity is standard on its plans, with further options to add 10% green gas and carbon offsetting the remaining 90% of your usage. 

Going green

Green energy is fast becoming standard for energy suppliers in the UK, with many offering it to customers at extremely competitive prices. If you are looking to go green while still enjoying the best value on your power, then fixed-rate plans from these renewable power companies may be a smart choice.

For dual-fuel plans, it is worth knowing that green gas is more expensive to create and therefore not offered as often by suppliers. In fact, only Green Energy UK offers a 100% green gas tariff with competitors being around the 10-15% mark. 

Whichever supplier you choose, it is now easier than ever to be more environmentally friendly through a simple energy switch.

Ben GallizziEnergy Expert - Nov 1st 2019