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What life skills are parents teaching their children in lockdown?

As adults, there are many things we wish we had been taught in school, but for many, life skills top the list. As a result, according to our research, it’s no wonder that 80% of parents are taking the opportunity to teach their children valuable life skills, as well as school work, in order to prepare them for the big wide world and grow up to become a responsible, respectful, and valuable members of society. Interested in finding out what life skills parents are teaching their kids in lockdown, Save on Energy surveyed 2,109 parents. 

Energy saving among skills parents teach their kids in lockdown

Our latest research can reveal that learning how to cook is the number one life skill that parents are teaching their kids during lockdown (77%). With so much time everyone’s hands during lockdown, it’s no surprise that parents want to spend this time teaching their children this valuable life lesson. 

Second on the list is budgeting (72%). Unfortunately, thanks to lockdown, many people have lost their jobs or been furloughed, and utility bills are rising. Therefore, now more than ever, teaching your children how to budget can help them learn to be financially independent in the future and to be prepared for unforeseen situations, such as coronavirus.

Also on the list of life skills parents are teaching their children during lockdown is growing vegetables. Our research found that over a third of parents (38%) are teaching their children how to be self-sufficient in lockdown. A further one in 10 (12%) are teaching them how to sew (12%). With fast fashion becoming more and more of a problem, learning to sew can not only help to save our planet, but it can also help encourage your children to save money too.

The full results: 

Which life skills do we want to be taught in schools?

Save on Energy quizzed people around the United Kingdom to find out which life lessons they wish were taught in school. In fact, we can reveal that 62% of parents believe that their school has failed to prepare them for real life situations regarding money, such as money management, credit scores, taxes, and mortgages. 

Taxes came out on top, with 88% of people wishing they were taught the topic at school. With an average of 3,000 Google searches for “what are taxes?” each month, it is no surprise that over three-quarters of us want to learn about taxes at school, as thousands of people are unaware of how to tackle them.

Mental health takes the fourth spot, with almost three-quarters of Brits (73%) wishing they had been taught more about how to take care of their mental health. Many believe that this issue should be just as important as learning about physical health at school. Of those surveyed, 76% remember their schools teaching them or covering mental health issues.

On average, there are over 600 Google searches for “how to be more environmentally friendly”, and nearly 6,000 searches for “environmentally friendly products” each month. It’s clear to see that people want to learn more about how to help the earth, so it is unsurprising that participants want their kids to know more about energy efficiency (66%) and sustainability (63%).

The full results:

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