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Last updated: 29 January 2021

In this guide:

  • Ebico company profile

  • Why have I been transferred to British Gas?

  • How does this affect my current tariff with Ebico?

  • What happens to my current payment plan and balance?

  • I’m a prepayment customer. What happens to my credit?

  • What tariff will I be placed on?

  • Can I switch to another supplier?

Ebico company profile

Ebico Energy was a not-for-profit company that worked to end fuel poverty after it was established back in 1998. It had specialised in creating plans that were easily manageable and maintainable by customers faced with fuel poverty. As a Limited by Guarantee company, Ebico had no shareholders, instead, the ethical energy company invested profits in projects to help fuel-poor communities under Ebico Trust, a registered charity. 

The brand was licenced to Robin Hood Energy, who provided the energy plans and account management services. However, Robin Hood Energy sold its brands to British Gas in September 2020 and then formally entered administration on 5th January 2021.

Why have I been transferred to British Gas?

In 2020, Robin Hood Energy and all its ‘white label’ brands (including Angelic Energy, Beam Energy, CitizEn Energy, Ebico, Fosse Energy, Great North Energy, The Leccy, RAM Energy, Southend Energy, White Rose Energy, and Your Energy Sussex) was purchased by British Gas. The process of transferring customers over to British Gas has been ongoing since, and now that Robin Hood Energy has gone into administration, the process should soon be completed.

How does this affect my current tariff with Ebico?

According to the Robin Hood Energy website, “If you are on a fixed price tariff then your prices will either stay the same or reduce when you move over to British Gas. The name of your tariff might change and you'll need to agree new terms and conditions but you won't pay more than you do today and the length of your current fixed deal will remain the same.”

What happens to my current payment plan and balance?

Direct Debit customers don’t need to do anything – your current Direct Debit details (including the amount you pay each month) will stay the same, except it will be ‘British Gas’ that now appears on your bank statements. 

If, however, you currently pay by standing order, you’ll need to set up a new standing order with British Gas. Don’t cancel your existing Robin Hood standing order until you’ve moved to your new supplier.

Your entire balance – whether in credit or debit – will transfer over to your new British Gas account. This should be made clear when you receive a final bill from Robin Hood Energy.

I’m a prepayment customer. What happens to my credit?

Smart PAYG meter owners can relax in the knowledge that any credit will be automatically transferred across. However, if you have a traditional PAYG meter, you should exhaust all the credit on your existing key or card before using your new British Gas key or card – otherwise you’ll lose the credit on your old top-up device. See your British Gas welcome pack for more details.

What tariff will I be placed on?

You’ll be sent full details of your new tariff in your British Gas welcome pack. Fixed-price customers should find their new tariff costs the same as – or even less – than their previous tariff with Robin Hood Energy, and the length of time your fixed-price tariff has to run will be unchanged.

Variable priced tariffs also promise to be as competitively priced as your previous tariff. Whatever tariff you’re placed on will come with 100% renewable electricity as it did with Robin Hood Energy.

You’ll receive new terms and conditions, and a new British Gas account number – all of this will be in the welcome pack you’ll receive (or have received).

What’ll happen to my existing smart meter?

If your smart meter is a SMETS1 (first-generation) model, then you will lose its ability to send automatic meter readings on your behalf after you switch to British Gas – or indeed any other supplier. Other functions – such as monitoring consumption in real time on the in-home display – should remain unaffected. Check out our guide to smart meters to find out more.

Can I switch to another supplier?

Yes, but check the terms and conditions first. British Gas has said if you choose to leave you won’t be charged exit fees regardless of which plan you’re on (fixed or variable), but that only applies if you haven’t signed up for a new fixed-price tariff with British Gas – if you have, exit fees may apply, but should be clearly stated in the offer.

While British Gas has promised to match or even beat your current tariff with Ebico, now may be a good time to see what other deals are out there – you might save even more money, or wish to switch to an even greener plan.

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Published on Fri 01 Nov 2019 12.31 GMT