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Last updated: 29 January 2021

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EDF Energy company profile

EDF Energy is a member of the ‘big six’ group of UK energy providers. It was established in 2002 by the French state-owned Électricité de France after it acquired a selection of UK energy companies including SWEB and London Electricity, and offers both electricity and gas energy plans to its customers.

  • Founded: 2002

  • HQ: London, United Kingdom

  • Total customers: 3.5 million+

  • UK ranking: 4

The company’s fortunes saw it secure itself as the number two energy supplier behind British Gas, but in recent years has seen hundreds of thousands of customers switch to more competitively priced suppliers, which – allied with OVO Energy’s purchase of SSE’s residential business in 2019 – has seen it fall a couple of places in the rankings.

Nevertheless, EDF remains a key player in the UK energy market, and currently generates over 20% of the UK’s total electricity from its eight UK-based nuclear power stations. This low-carbon electricity source remains the company’s key focus as it looks to develop new plants with the aim of meeting 7% of the UK’s total energy needs, but it’s also invested in renewable sources such as wind farms and runs Europe’s largest operational battery storage unit.

EDF Energy tariffs

EDF Energy offers a wide range of dual-fuel and single-fuel (both gas and electricity) plans, many of which are aimed specifically at new or existing customers. Nevertheless, it still offers a wide range of universal tariffs – as of January 2021, the following are all available subject to location and other criteria:

Tariff nameTypeExit feesKey features
Easy Online Fixed for two years £15 per fuel Account managed entirely online; Direct Debit only; 24/7 online support
Easy Online+ Bundles Fixed for two years £45 per fuel As Easy Online, plus optional add-ons such as boiler care or smart home devices
Total Service Fixed for two years None Call centre and 24/7 support; pay by Direct Debit or cash/cheque
Standard VariableVariableNone Call centre and 24/7 support; pay by Direct Debit or cash/cheque
Prepay Total ServiceFixedNone Call centre and 24/7 support; for prepayment meters only
Standard Variable PrepaymentVariableNone Call centre and 24/7 support; PAYG via smart meter or top-up; for prepayment meters only

EDF Energy and electric vehicles

None of EDF’s standard domestic plans offer 100% renewable fuel, but the brand is encouraging the move to electric and renewables with a series of ‘GoElectric’ tariffs, aimed exclusively at electric vehicle owners that are powered by 100% renewable electricity. Both single- and dual-rate tariffs are available, the latter designed to encourage customers to charge their vehicles overnight when electricity is more plentiful, and tariffs are cheaper. EDF also offers vehicle leasing deals, with prices starting from £170/month, and sells home chargers independently of its EV tariffs.

EDF Energy fuel mix

EDF is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of low-carbon energy. However, the EDF Energy fuel mix has less renewable energy than the UK average because it sources most of its fuel mix from its own nuclear power stations. It does, however, use significantly less gas than the UK average:

Fuel type Percentage of fuel mix (UK average)
Renewables 20.5% (38%)
Coal 3.5% (4%)
Gas 9% (39%)
Nuclear 67% (17%)
Other0.1% (2%)

EDF Energy’s Smart Home

EDF Energy promotes the use of smart devices to manage your home’s power and save money in the process. The Easy Online+ tariff is available to customers looking to upgrade their home, offering an Amazon Echo Dot, Philips Hue Starter Kit and EDF Smart Meter upon sign-up.

EDF also offers an online smart device shop offering additional items for sale, from smart thermostats to smart plugs and smart lighting. It allows EDF to position itself as your one-stop shop for managing as well as powering your home.

EDF’s ECO Scheme

EDF Energy is part of the government-backed ECO (Energy Company Obligation) Scheme to help people save money when it comes to warming their homes. As part of this scheme, EDF can offer:

  • Free loft insulation (loft conversions excluded)

  • Free cavity wall insulation

  • Discounted replacement gas boilers

To qualify you must:

  • Be an EDF Energy customer

  • Own or privately rent your home with an EPC rating of A to E

  • Qualify for UK benefits such as Child Benefit or Universal Credit

EDF Energy customer service and switching

EDF Customer Service aims to be as simple as possible, with multiple online and offline channels to turn to. While those on one of the Easy Online plans are restricted to online options such as Facebook Messenger and text, other tariffs also give customers access to a traditional call centre:

  • 0333 200 5100, lines open Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm, and Saturday, 8am-2pm

Like all the big six energy suppliers, EDF is also a part of the Energy Switch Guarantee. This means you can expect your switch between energy suppliers to be simple, without any further action required from you beyond your initial agreement. You will have 14 days to change your mind and the switch will be completed within 21 days.

What are EDF Energy's reviews like?

For a big six supplier, EDF Energy's reviews on TrustPilot are strong - the supplier has an average score of 4.3 out of 5, with 73% of reviews rating it as "Excellent". That said, there may be areas in which EDF could perform better, so make sure you read a few reviews to see what customers think about the service rather than simply taking the score at face value.

Is EDF Energy the right provider for me? 

As an established big-six energy supplier, EDF Energy offers a wide and varied choice of packages, services and tariffs to suit every household, giving it a sense of stability and an ‘all-in-one’ solution for customers who are wary of going with smaller brands. That said, environmentally-conscious customers might be put off by EDF Energy’s lack of 100% renewable electricity plans (save for those with electric vehicles).

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