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  • What are E.ON reviews like?

  • Is E.ON a good option as an energy supplier?

E.ON company profile

As one of the big six energy suppliers, E.ON has seen its position come under threat from rapidly growing competitors like Octopus and Bulb, but it continues to evolve and position itself as one of the more sustainable major energy providers operating in the UK. Based in Essen in Germany, it has around four million gas and electricity customers.

E.ON energy prices and plans

E.ON’s energy prices and plans are fairly par for the course as far as the majority of energy suppliers are concerned. Gas, electricity, dual fuel and prepayment tariffs are all available, and the provider also offers a range of home heating services such as boiler cover.

E.ON renewable energy

E.ON was the first of the big six to switch all of its customers to renewable energy as standard, which it did in 2019. E.ON also offers cleaner energy solutions such as solar and heat pumps for homes and businesses.

What are E.ON reviews like?

As of April 2021, E.ON reviews on TrustPilot are decidedly mixed - nearly 26,000 reviews have given it an average score of 3.6 out of 5. This is a fairly common theme among the big six because their customer service experience is often not particularly good. Whereas newer providers can prioritise customer service from the beginning, this tends to be something that the big six find more difficult.

Is E.ON a good option as an energy supplier?

Clearly E.ON is a popular supplier - it wouldn’t have so many customers if it wasn’t. It’s always best to choose a supplier that meets your needs, though. If an E.ON tariff is the cheapest you can get and there’s a perk involved that sweetens the deal, then you might see it as the best supplier for you. It’s always important to compare energy deals first, though - you never know which supplier might turn out to be your best option.

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Published on Fri 16 Apr 2021 10.16 GMT