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Octopus Energy company profile

Octopus Energy, along with Bulb and OVO, is one of the most significant challengers to the established “big six” energy supplier model in the UK. Since its launch in 2015, it has grown its market share to around two million customers throughout the country, helped in no small part by its adoption of customers from failed energy brands like M&S Energy, ENGIE and Co-op Energy. With a strong focus on harnessing new energy technologies to improve its service and the experiences of its customers, Octopus is in a strong position to keep pushing the boundaries of what might be possible in the energy industry.   

Octopus Energy prices and tariffs

Octopus offers standard variable and fixed price tariffs for customers of all kinds - whether you have an Economy 7 meter, a prepayment meter, a dual fuel plan or an electricity-only household, there’s an option for everyone. 

The provider also offers specialised tariffs like the Tracker tariff, where customer charges are based on the daily wholesale price of energy, and the Octopus Go Tariff, which is designed for households with an electric vehicle. It offers cheaper night rates to help make overnight charging more affordable.

Octopus Energy renewable energy

Like other suppliers, Octopus offers 100% renewable electricity - it’s easy to produce and easy to track, so customers always know where it’s coming from. Additionally, Octopus offsets carbon emissions from the gas its customers use for a small extra fee every month.

What are Octopus Energy reviews like?

Octopus Energy reviews are overwhelmingly positive - as well as winning plaudits from the likes of Which?, it also has a 4.8 score on TrustPilot from over 53,000 reviews (as of April 2021). If there ever is a problem, Octopus has ensured that average call wait times to its UK-based customer service team are under a minute, demonstrating its commitment to positive customer experiences.

Is Octopus Energy a good option as an energy supplier?

If you’re looking for a non-big six energy supplier that isn’t likely to go out of business in the way many smaller suppliers tend to do, Octopus could be an excellent choice. Based on its development over the past five years or so, it will only continue to grow and continue to provide customers with cutting-edge energy solutions and services. You should always do your research, though - it’s possible that Octopus might be on the more expensive side in your location.

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Published on Fri 16 Apr 2021 09.42 GMT