Compare ScottishPower energy deals

ScottishPower company profile

  • Founded: 1990

  • HQ: Glasgow

  • Total customers: 5,000,000

  • UK ranking: #4

ScottishPower is one of the big six energy suppliers in the UK. It is part of the Iberdrola Group, a Spanish utility company which is also one of the world’s biggest suppliers of wind power. 

ScottishPower tariffs

One of the country’s largest power companies, ScottishPower has a wide range of plans for customers to choose from, including electricity-only and dual fuel options. These include charity plans, which support Cancer Research UK and have so far raised over £20 million. At the time of writing, all but one of ScottishPower gas and electricity and electricity-only plans were fixed, with only the Standard plan being variable. 

Other services provided by ScottishPower draw on collaboration with other major companies, including:

  • Boiler insurance (in collaboration with Domestic & General)

These plans vary in their care plans, covering boilers only in the case of breakdown but not providing yearly services. 

  • Electric vehicle charging

ScottishPower EV charging uses a smart charging device that connects with an app and is available for all EV owners with off-street parking. EV plans are available with off-peak rates and use 100% renewable electricity. 

  • Kitchen appliance care plans (in collaboration with Domestic & General)

Care plans covering a range of kitchen appliances, from dishwashers to American-style fridge-freezers, are offered by ScottishPower and include annual maintenance checks and unlimited phone support.

  • Plumbing, drain and electrical cover (in collaboration with AXA)  

With different options for the range of cover, these plans offer emergency repair and several call-outs per year for any issue with your plumbing, draining or electrics.

  • Smart thermostats (with Honeywell)

By connecting to the ScottishPower app, smart thermostats let you control your heating and hot water remotely and automatically detect low temperatures to turn on the heating and protect against frozen pipes. 

Switching to ScottishPower 

ScottishPower is part of the Energy Switch Guarantee, designed to make it easier for customers to change power supplier. The service is free and requires 21 days to be finalised this includes a 14-day cooling-off period for you to change your mind. 

Customers will be given an online account when they join, so they can manage their energy usage with ease. Prepayment meters can also be managed online.

Can I get a ScottishPower smart meter?

ScottishPower smart meters are currently being rolled out to customers, but as with many other power suppliers, only certain areas are covered. ScottishPower smart meters will be offered to you via letter once they are rolled out in your area, but if you want to register your interest you can do so on the website. 

Smart meters are being pushed by the government to be provided to all households. While they don’t straight-out save you money, they do provide you with greater insight into your power usage, and therefore give you the information you need to alter your habits and save more. When you have a smart meter installed, you will not be charged any extra, although if you have an older home with particularly thick walls or are in a high-floor flat, you may not be able to have a smart meter. 

Connecting to ScottishPower automatically, these meters will feed back your usage without you needing to perform manual readings or have a ScottishPower representative come to your home. As such, if you are in a home deemed unsuitable for smart devices i.e. unable to provide a stable connection due to thick walls, then you may have to continue with a traditional meter.

You get to decide how often your reading is sent back to ScottishPower. You can opt for it to be as often as every half an hour or once per month. Based on your usage, personal consumption graphs will be generated for you to view in the app, so you’ll always have a clear image of how much energy you are using.

ScottishPower renewable energy

ScottishPower electricity is generated by renewable sources, and the company is the largest developer of onshore windfarms, with 40 around the UK. The company sold off its fossil fuel plants in a bid to expedite its green energy efforts and has also worked towards lowering their carbon footprint. 

The breakdown of ScottishPower’s energy shows that it provides less nuclear energy than the average UK supplier. It’s worth noting that the sources from which ScottishPower gets its energy will change from year to year, just like any other supplier. As ScottishPower encourages the construction of more wind farms, though, customers should expect its green energy production to increase. 

ScottishPower customer service and community

Like many power suppliers, ScottishPower electricity and gas customers can connect with the brand through an online forum. ScottishPower can also answer questions and offer live help via the ScottishPower app, all the while operating regular phone lines from 8am-8pm on weekdays and 8am-6pm on Saturdays.

Whilst it appears to have the bases covered with extensive support options, ScottishPower has had complaints regarding customer service in the past. In 2015, ScottishPower was temporarily banned from signing up new customers due to its failing customer service. 

Is ScottishPower a good option as an energy supplier?

If you like an all-in-one solution, ScottishPower could be a good choice. The company provides many additional services to keep your home running smoothly, including breakdown cover for boilers and EV charging offers. You’ll also have to option to use the app to manage your account and connect with UK-based call centres should you need assistance.