V247 Power

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  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Founded: 2012
  • Markets served: Texas

V247 Power is a retail electric provider in Texas. Electricity rates the company offers are competitive in the deregulated market. The headquarters opened for V247 in Houston in 2012.

V247 electricity plans

Customers can choose a plan from V247 in Houston, Dallas and other deregulated areas for houses, apartments, condos or townhomes. Commercial plans are also available for any size business, from startups to corporations.

V247 Power offers two types of pricing plans. The secure-rate supply plan with a base charge has a lower price per kWh, and the secure-rate supply plan with no base charge has a slightly higher price per kWh. Customers can choose the plan that is best for them based on their monthly electricity usage. Both plans are available in 12-, 24- or 36- month contracts. Texas electricity rates may vary based on market price, so having a secure supply rate can benefit customers if prices increase. However, if the market price decreases, the secure supply rate for their plan will not change. V247 offers supply rate history on its website for customers to see former rates and make educated decisions about their electricity plans.

Customer benefits in Vietnamese and English

Many consumers can benefit from the Vietnamese version of the website that is available for V247. Houston and other areas of Texas have growing Vietnamese populations. The company offers free customer assistance and an online portal where customers can manage their accounts and have easy access to make a payment at any time. Additionally, customers can participate in the referral program and receive a credit to their account for each customer they refer to V247.

Learn about the VCARE Promise

V247 Power created the VCARE Promise to show customers how important they are to the company. According to the V247 website, the company pledges to value customers and provide the highest quality customer service. V247 promises affordable rates with plans designed for each customer and reliable service. The company also promises to make an effort to reduce its carbon footprint by using paperless billing and providing electricity saving tips for customers.

Updated: 7-30-15.