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Kim from is here to answer all your energy savings questions. Whether you want to save money while doing laundry or reduce your hot water heater's energy usage, just Ask Kim!

Ask Kim - Save Energy While On Vacation

July 14, 2014

Save energy and money while you're away from home!

Ask Kim - Changing Your Home's Air Filter

June 18, 2014

Know how and when to change your home's air filter.

Ask Kim - How to Read Your Electricity Meter

April 10, 2014

Learn how to read your home's electricity meter.

Ask Kim - How Do I Save While Doing My Laundry?

October 8, 2013

Learn how to save more money while doing your laundry!

Ask Kim - How Do I Save On My Hot Water Heating Costs?

October 8, 2013

Follow these tips to save money on your hot water heating costs!