Ask Kim - Save Energy While On Vacation

This season, before you pack up the car or head to the airport, take a few minutes to consider implementing a few of these simple tips around the house. With just a few minutes of prep you'll save energy and money while you're away!

Hi, this is Kim with SaveOnEnergy, here to answer your energy savings questions. Today's question comes from Stephen in Baltimore who asks, "How can I save money at home while I'm on vacation?"

In the rush to pack and get to the airport on time, many people forget about the small things they can do at home to put a few extra dollars in their pockets. The easiest thing to do is to make sure all your lights are turned off before you leave for vacation. If you want to leave a light on for safety's sake, make sure it's a CFL or LED light for maximum savings.

Better yet, set it on a timer so it's only turned on for the few hours you'd use it each evening.

Make sure all your appliances and electronics are unplugged, or plugged into a power strip, especially those that draw power even when they're turned off. Appliances with standby modes, like your computer, TV and stereo, can consume power even when they're turned off.

Be sure to turn off or adjust your thermostat. In winter, set the temperature to 50 degrees so your pipes won't freeze, and in summer set it to 85 so your refrigerator doesn't have to work too hard.

Turn off any automatic settings such as alarm clocks, thermostats, and heated pools or spas so they won't waste energy while you're not there to enjoy them.

For more energy saving tips for your home, visit or send us your energy savings questions. See you next time!

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