Fact or Fiction - Driving vs. Flying for the Environment

When you're getting ready to take a trip, do you think about the impact of your travel on the environment? Before you book your next trip, watch this episode of Fact or Fiction to learn more about how your choices can affect the environment.

Hi and welcome to SaveOnEnergy.com's Fact or Fiction. Today we're going to take a look at whether driving your car is more eco-friendly than flying. It's commonly known that flying isn't great for the environment, but is driving your car really more eco-friendly?

So, does driving your car have a smaller impact on the environment than flying?

It is fiction that driving is more environmentally sound than flying. A new study from the University of Michigan found that they energy intensity of driving is 57% greater than flying.

That's because airplanes have become more efficient over the past few decades and are able to carry more passengers at a time. Driving only becomes a better choice for long distances when two or more people are in the vehicle.

So there you have it. Join us next time on Fact or Fiction as we examine whether going with LED light bulbs is really worth the investment.

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