Fact or Fiction - Paper or Plastic?

This episode of Fact or Fiction examines the details of one of the most common questions we're asked each week, "Paper or plastic?" The results might surprise you!

Hi and welcome to SaveOnEnergy.com's Fact or Fiction. Today we're going to look at the age-old grocery store questions - Paper or Plastic. Plastic bags have gotten a bad rap lately, but paper bags have their own downsides.

So, are paper bags better for the environment than plastic bags?

OK, so today's result is a little deceptive. It turns out the production of paper bags is more energy intensive than the production of plastic bags. And since neither option has great recycling options, it turns out neither paper not plastic is all that great for the environment.

According to a study published in the Use Less Stuff Report, paper bag production generates 60% more greenhouse gas emissions, consumers 25 times as much water and uses 40% more energy than plastic bags.

Still, plastic bags have their own downsides, including litter and a decomposition estimate anywhere from 500-1,000 years.

Luckily, there's a more responsible choice - reusable bags. Most grocery store chains now offer these bags for sale, and as long as you wash them periodically with soap and warm water, they're the best of all worlds.

So there you have it! Join us next time on Fact or Fiction to find out whether you should fly or drive to your next vacation destination.

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