Fact or Fiction - Should You Store Your Batteries in the Freezer?

In this episode of Fact or Fiction Powered bySaveOnEnergy.com®, we examine whether storing batteries in the freezer really extends their shelf life. Some families have been reserving a corner of the freezer for their AAs for generations, but is there any truth behind it?

Hi and welcome to SaveOnEnergy.com's Fact or Fiction. Today we're going to find out if storing your batteries in the freezer gives them a longer shelf-life. Some people swear by the cold storage method, while others just throw their batteries in the junk drawer. So, do batteries last longer when stored in the freezer?

While some families have been keeping their batteries in the freezer for generations, it's probably a tradition best left in the past. While in theory, keeping some types of batteries in the freezer might extend their shelf life, such as rechargeable models, the threat of exposing them to moisture pretty much negates any positive effects. In the end, using your junk drawer is the way to go, especially when you're talking about modern lithium or alkaline batteries.

So there you have it. Join us next time on Fact or Fiction to find out whether you should go with paper or plastic on your next trip to the grocery.

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