Living The Green Life - Back-to-School Lunches

Hi, this is Heather from SaveOnEnergy, here with some more tips on Living the Green Life.

Back to school is a great time to think about lunches. It's so much healthier and cheaper to pack a lunch for your kids and with our tips you can make them better for the environment as well.

  • The lunchbox. Brown bagging it doesn't have to be literal. Buy a lunchbox that is easy to clean and sturdy enough to last at least one school year. Make sure it's big enough for a water bottle, and any containers you'll want to use.
  • The bottle. Finding a small bottle that will fit is more green that a juice box. If you freeze it overnight, you won't need to add a freezer pack to the lunchbox.
  • The bags. Ditch the zip-top baggies and single-serve packages. Look for bags that are easy to clean. Most you can wipe out with a sponge or throw in the dishwasher or washing machine. Make sure they have a coated, rather than breathable, lining so moisture from food doesn't leak through. These are also best for sandwiches so they don't get stale.
  • The containers. Reusable containers are good for bulky, wet food or delicate fruits you don't want to crush. Make sure your child can open and close the container easily. Twist-off tops are often easier than snap-top containers for little hands.
  • The rest. Add a cloth napkin and silverware for the finishing, earth-friendly touches. There's no reason for disposable napkins or plastic ware when you can take these home and wash them.

As you can see, packing a greener lunch is pretty easy. You save money in the long run not buying single-serving foods and plastic bags and you set a good example for your little ones, showing them how they can help make the planet a better place. See you next time with more tips on Living the Green Life!

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