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When was the last time you made a decision that didn't impact your bottom line? Considering how much time you dedicate to maximizing your company's profitability already, it only makes sense to utilize all the tools at your disposal that can contribute to your margins – including shopping for the best commercial energy rates.

Doing business in a deregulated energy market can prove to be particularly valuable to profit margins, as long as businesses compare energy companies in order to utilize the system to their benefit. Unfortunately, few business owners and managers have the time to dedicate to yet another capital expenditure report – even for something as substantial as getting better commercial energy rates.

That's where we come in.

Let help you compare energy companies and May The Best Rate Win®

With just a few pieces of information about your company and its consumption patterns, our market experts can begin scouring plans from our partners for the best commercial energy rates. In the 10-plus years® has been in business, we've helped companies large and small negotiate deals on commercial energy rates.

Our services go beyond just helping you compare energy companies. We're here for you and your business team every step of the way.

Build value through green energy plans works with partners that offer green energy plans. With options that can help you offset up to 100 percent of the electricity consumed by your business, green energy plans can even promote your eco-friendly endeavors to your customer base. Choosing among green energy plans can not only demonstrate your company's social responsibility but also build brand loyalty among the many consumers who believe in a strong commitment to the environment and provide a competitive advantage by differentiating your business as a green leader.

If you choose to purchase one of the green energy plans from our partners, we will work with you to ensure your company's environmental commitment is properly celebrated and promoted.

Strong partnerships result in the best commercial energy rates

As with other areas of business, relationships can often make all the difference when you compare energy companies. Our team has been developing partnerships with big names industrywide since 2003. When you enlist our team to help find commercial energy rates for your business, we will always leverage our partnerships to meet your goals.

Our commitment to our partnerships results in strong solutions for our commercial energy customers.'s stringent partnership requirements

We don't work with all commercial energy companies. In order to be a partner with, commercial energy companies must meet several criteria:

  1. Offer competitive, flexible pricing and rate structure options.
  2. Be led by an experienced, trustworthy team with a track record of stability.
  3. Have an accurate billing system with easy-to-understand practices and options.

By being selective about who we partner with, is able to allow our visitors to compare energy companies that offer truly valuable commercial energy rates.

Why we need to know the details to compare energy companies

Unlike residential energy rates, when businesses compare energy companies there's actually a degree of flexibility in most cases. By providing your current bill amount when submitting your information, our commercial energy experts will have all the pieces needed to begin informed negotiations on your company's behalf.

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What Other Businesses Are Saying

Our company has worked with Save on Energy for about 5 years. They have made pricing and service transfers extremely simple. Every year they get me a large range of prices and length of contract choices. The first couple of years I checked for pricing myself, they always beat what I found. I will and have suggested this company to others.

- Gail Argenbright, Argenbright National Sheet Metal Works, Inc.

I have been working with Amanda Winchester with SaveOnEnergy for about two years now. My experience has been that she and her company are not only knowledgeable, but go above and beyond for their customers. On several occasions Amanda has taken the time to walk me through set up processes, transfers, and other utility procedures. I truly value SaveOnEnergy and view them as a valuable resource to my company.

- Madeline Haddad, UCR

In addition to great energy rates, SaveOnEnergy has provided excellent customer service to my business. They helped get all our locations that are spread across Texas onto one service provider and sync up the contracts so they all end on time. Even more, they helped push along a new construction installation and communicated the status to us better than the provider could. That kind of customer service is what makes it easy for me to feel confident with my choice of energy broker.

- Kelly, 4-STAR Hose & Supply