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  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Founded: 2009
  • Market served: Texas
  • Owned by Nooruddin Investments
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Discount Power is a retail electric provider based in Texas. The company offers competitive Texas electricity rates for residential, industrial and business customers in search of a new electricity plan or supply rate.

Discount Power was founded in 2009, about seven years after many Texas cities became deregulated. According to its website it offers electricity plans and service to consumers in all deregulated cities in Texas. Whether you live in Houston, Dallas or a smaller town with electric choice, this company has plans available.

Although Discount Power offers energy supply plans, it does not control delivery services. Transmission and distribution service providers control delivery and maintain transmission lines.

Check out Discount Power plans

Discount Power offers specific plans to residential and business customers. Business owners receive personalized quotes for their business. Since businesses vary in size and energy usage, business rates are custom.

Residential rates, however, are not customized in the way business rates are. Discount Power residential energy plans are fixed-rate plans. These plans offer stability, price protection and typically appeal to residents who want their energy supply rate to remain the same each month.

No matter which plan consumers choose, all Discount Power customers have the option to pay their bill via automatic payments, money orders, credit card or debit card.

Shop electricity providers in Texas

For consumers to make the right decision regarding a retail electric provider, plan and supply rate, it'll require some thought. Consumers should identify their energy needs, budget boundaries and customer service expectations. By pinpointing these features, consumers will have a clear sense of what they're looking for and be able to identify which companies offer it.

Since Texas electricity rates are competitively priced, after consumers identify what they'd like in a retail electric provider and energy plan they'll be able to shop around and compare offerings. Supply rates are competitive in part because there are many retail electric providers operating in Texas. Shopping around will help consumers find a REP that fits best. is an online marketplace geared to help consumers shop for energy plans and electricity providers. In Texas consumers have an array of options, therefore a marketplace that clearly identifies potential options and offerings is a great place to start.


Updated: 8-3-15.