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Dayton Power and Light Company Serves Ohioans and Offers Choice

Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) is a utility company that began serving customers more than a century ago. The company serves as the Dayton utility and delivers energy to customers in 24 counties in the Miami Valley region. The company is headquartered in Dayton, and according to the company's website it provides energy to more than 500,000 customers.

When the Dayton Power and Light service area began offering energy choice, DP&L customers could choose an alternate retail supplier for electricity in Dayton. Each consumer needs to weigh the pros and cons of switching. Some consumers stick with their Dayton utility whereas others shop around and find an alternate retail supplier and a new supply rate on their own.

Understanding your bill

Whether you stay with Dayton Power and Light or you switch, you'll receive an energy bill each month. Depending on the company you choose for supply, consumers may have one or two energy bills. It's worth remembering that you'll always be charged a distribution fee from the local utility company in addition to your current supply rate. Utilities charge for distribution and any costs associated with maintaining their infrastructure and delivery system in order to continue to manage these systems and deliver power without any hiccups.

Although consumers can shop around and compare competitive retail suppliers and electricity supply rates, delivery and distribution fees are non-negotiable and all consumers must pay them.

DP&L Community Affairs

According to Dayton Power and Light, DP&L and the DP&L Foundation together donate more than $2 million to nonprofits each year. The DP&L Foundation began in 1985 with the purpose of involving the company in communities and giving back to the education department, human services, local arts and more. The foundation offers grants to nonprofits that are looking for financial support to initiate projects to enhance the overall community. Previous beneficiaries include the American Red Cross Dayton Area and Dayton Children's Hospital.

DP&L maintains delivery services

As the local utility company, you can count on DP&L for reliable delivery of your electricity in Dayton. Whether consumers receive supply from DP&L or decide to switch to an alternate retail supplier -- there are no hard feelings. DP&L will continue to maintain delivery services, resolve electrical emergencies and ensure your power is always up and running.

Information about Dayton Power and Light

  • Area served: Southwestern Ohio
  • Customer service: 800-433-8500


Updated: 7-22-15.