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Learn About Regulated Power Solutions from Arizona Energy Companies

In recent years, there has been movement in Arizona legislation to deregulate the state’s energy market, but continual pushback has caused a lack of agreement on terms between Arizona energy companies and the state’s utility commission. Thus, the generation and distribution of electricity, natural gas and other utilities remains regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission, which means residents and business owners throughout the state are required to receive their energy supply from the utility serving their city or town.

Because residents do not have the right to search for competitive supply rates offered by independent Arizona energy companies, many utilities have begun to adopt renewable forms of generation in an effort to reduce the state’s air pollution and give home and business owners alternative energy options to the basic regulated rate. One of these alternatives is solar power.

Going green with Arizona alternative energy solutions

As one of the country’s sunniest states, and with data from the last 10 years demonstrating the environmental benefits of solar power, the state government and Arizona utilities have invested much time and effort into figuring out how to include solar energy as an additional means of electricity generation alongside the more traditional methods.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, in 2013 Arizona ranked 2nd in the United States in installed solar electric capacity, with more than 360 solar-related companies operating in the industry in some manner. That total includes manufacturers, contractors, installers, distributors and project developers, all dedicated to offsetting traditional means of electricity production and providing residents and businesses in Arizona with cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy.

In 2013, energy commissions and electric utilities throughout the state partnered to invest $1.2 billion in the installation and generation of Arizona solar power, with enough being produced to power nearly 300,000 homes.

Future plans for Arizona solar power

Under the Renewable Energy Standard, the regulated Arizona energy sector is required to have 15% of total retail energy sales come from renewable resources by 2025. In Arizona, the vast majority of that output will come from solar and hydropower, due to minimal wind production.

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), which oversees the state’s energy market and regulates prices charged by Arizona utilities, has established short- and long-term goals to meet that deadline, including generation targets and state and federal incentives for Arizona energy companies that seek to incorporate alternative power solutions into their supply plan offerings.

Additionally, the ACC partners with Arizona Goes Solar, an informational website that teaches Arizona residents and business owners the benefits of considering installing an Arizona solar power panel on their home or office. The website also gives consumers updates on state and federal incentives and a map of where solar panel systems are installed around Arizona.

Arizona utilities contact information

Below is a list of Arizona utilities distributing electricity in various parts of the state. You should contact your utility to learn about availability and pricing of regulated rate supply plans and those that utilize solar energy. Also contact your homeowners association that oversees your neighborhood, as many do not allow home solar panel installations.

Listed under each utility is a phone number for customer support and emergency contact information. Should you experience a power outage or gas leak, it is highly important that you contact your local utility immediately. In the event of a gas leak, you should also call 911.

Alliant Gas

  • Customer service: 928-645-2391
  • Emergency gas leak support: 877-532-5427

Arizona Public Service Company

  • Residential customer service in Phoenix: 602-371-7171
  • Residential customer service in other areas: 800-253-9405
  • Business customer service in Phoenix: 602-371-6767
  • Business customer service in other areas: 800-253-9407

Columbus Electric Cooperative

  • Customer service: 575-546-8838
  • Emergency outage support: 800-228-0579

Dixie-Escalante Rural Electric Association

  • Customer service and emergency outage support: 928-347-5870

Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative (and Gas Division)

  • Emergency outage and gas leak support: 928-359-2503 or 800-669-2503

Garkane Energy Cooperative

  • Emergency outage support: 800-747-5403

Graham County Electric Cooperative (and Gas Division)

  • Emergency outage and gas leak support: 928-485-2451

Mohave Electric Cooperative

  • Emergency outage support and service requests: 928-763-1100

Navopache Electric Cooperative

  • Emergency outage support: 928-368-5118

Salt River Project

  • Residential customer service: 602-236-8888
  • Business customer service: 602-236-8833
  • Emergency outage support: 602-236-8811

Southwest Gas

  • Customer service and emergency gas leak support: 877-860-6020

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative

  • After hours emergency outage support: 800-422-3275
  • (Find local area support numbers on company website)

Trico Electric Cooperative

  • Customer service: 866-337-2052
  • Emergency outage support: 520-744-2944 #2

Tucson Electric Power Company

  • Emergency outage support: 520-623-3451

UNS Energy

  • Customer service, emergency outage and gas leak support: 877-837-4968


Updated: 10-8-19

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