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The energy market in the state of Nevada is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. A number of public Nevada utilities operate in various regions of the state, and the electricity and natural gas rates of these Nevada energy companies are determined by the PUC, whose job is to balance the financial investments of stakeholders and reasonable energy prices for residential and commercial customers.

With more than 90 percent of the state’s energy coming from generation sources outside its borders and nearly 70 percent of its electricity generated using natural gas, independent Nevada energy companies are concentrating more resources each year toward the development of alternative methods such as solar power.

Potential of Nevada solar power and the Nevada alternative energy industry

The PUC requires that by 2025, 25% of the state’s electricity sales must come from energy produced through renewable resources. In recent past, the most consistently used alternative power sources have been geothermal, solar, wind and hydroelectric.

While the state was ranked third in the nation in 2013 in utility-scale net electricity generation from solar energy, the majority of its renewable power is produced through geothermal and hydroelectric resources. Nevada was second in the nation in 2013 in the amount of geothermal power produced, with the country’s largest stock of untapped geothermal resources. The Hoover Dam, the state’s primary hydro power plant, accounts for most of the remaining renewable energy produced within the state’s borders, while also serving the electricity needs of neighboring Arizona and California.

Additionally, Nevada is home to the world’s first hybrid geothermal-solar photovoltaic plant, which combines base-load geothermal and abundant Nevada solar power. A number of Nevada solar power projects are either planned or underway, and the signs are promising for a continued rise in Nevada solar power production over the next few years. With an average of 250 days of sunshine per year, Nevada has the potential to be one of the nation’s top producers of solar energy solutions, as long as Nevada utilities and Nevada alternative energy companies can harness that potential.

Which Nevada energy companies provide the state’s power?

There are a number of Nevada energy companies that provide homes and businesses with the electricity and natural gas they need to fuel their daily lives. Headquartered in Las Vegas and one of the largest Nevada utilities, NV Energy generates, transmits and distributes electricity and gas to service areas in northwest and southern regions of the state.

Serving more than 1.3 million customers and a tourist population of at least 40 million each year, NV Energy was developed in 1998 after the merging of two of the state’s widest-reaching utilities, Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power. Since then, the company’s service area has spread to cover much of the state’s most densely populated areas such as Reno and Las Vegas.

In addition to NV Energy, there are several other Nevada utilities that provide the rest of the state’s cities and rural areas with regulated energy supply rates, as well as independent Nevada solar power companies offering products. It’s recommended that you search to see if any Nevada alternative energy products are available in your area if you are interested in helping to encourage the growth of Nevada solar power’s potential and the Nevada alternative energy industry as a whole.

Contacting your utility

If you experience an outage or discontinuation of your power service, you should contact the utility that maintains the series of wires and poles that runs through your neighborhood. Below is a list of some of the utilities serving in different areas throughout the state. In the case of an emergency, call your utility using the number provided.

Harney Electric Cooperative

  • Customer service in Hines: 541-573-2061
  • Customer service in Orovada: 775-272-3336
  • After-hours outage support in Burns: 541-589-4567
  • After-hours outage support in Fields: 541-589-4566
  • After-hours outage support in Orovada: 775-335-9505

Mt. Wheeler Power

  • Customer service: 1-800-97-POWER or 775-289-8981

NV Energy

  • Emergency gas leak support for northern Nevada: 775-834-4100 or 1-800-962-0399
  • Customer service for northern Nevada: 775-834-4444
  • Customer service for southern Nevada: 702-402-5555

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative

  • Emergency outage support: 530-832-4261
  • Customer service: 1-800-555-2207 or 530-832-4261

Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative

  • Customer Service: 208-645-2211
  • After-hours outage support: 1-800-342-7732

Surprise Valley Electrification Corporation

  • Emergency outage support and customer service: 530-233-3511

Valley Electric Association

  • Customer service: 1-800-742-3330
  • Emergency outage support: 775-727-5312

Wells Rural Electric Company

  • Emergency outage support: 1-800-566-6696
  • Customer service in Wells: 775-752-3328
  • Customer service in Carlin: 775-754-6362
  • Customer service in Wendover: 775-664-2204

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