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Learn About Rhode Island Electricity Deregulation

The Rhode Island Utility Restructuring Act was passed in 1996, allowing energy consumers to choose among retail power suppliers in Rhode Island. Residents and business owners can purchase their energy supply through a company other than National Grid – the utility company that serves most Rhode Island electricity and natural gas users. The legislation was passed by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission (RIPUC) and created energy choice among state consumers. They have the option to shop, compare and research different energy plan offers from competitive suppliers. On the other hand, energy users can choose to receive energy supply through their utility company.

Are you exploring competitive power suppliers in Rhode Island? If you’re an energy consumer in the Ocean State, read on to learn how to take advantage of competitive Rhode Island electricity offers.

Get to know your residential Rhode Island electricity options

Energy choice allows homeowners to compare power suppliers in Rhode Island and select a company that works for their energy needs. Keep in mind that consumers only have energy choice when it comes to Rhode Island electricity supply, not natural gas.

There are many supply plan features to evaluate before selecting a competitive supplier. Consider term length, rate type, quality customer service, cancellation fees and more. For additional assistance, Rhode Islanders have access to resources including Empower RI, a hub where state energy consumers can view some available electricity supply options. Empower RI lists the following competitive suppliers on its site:

Residential consumers can get more information about Rhode Island electricity supply offers on the RIPUC site.

Explore business power suppliers in Rhode Island

Rhode Island business owners shop for energy supply differently than residents. They have the option to choose a company to supply both their electricity and natural gas, according to the RIPUC. Businesses can tailor an energy supply plan to better meet the needs of their energy consumption. However, business owners don’t have to choose a different gas marketer or electricity supplier – they can stay with their local utility company.

In addition, Rhode Island is known as one of the lowest emitters of carbon dioxide in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. It even has an offshore wind farm off Block Island. Through a business energy supply plan, you could help the state continue its eco-friendly efforts. Business owners can opt into green products or alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power. Whether you own a large or small business, gas marketers and competitive suppliers might offer incentives such as energy conservation programs and green energy initiatives. Exercise your energy choice and make environmentally conscious energy decisions for your business and Rhode Island.

Understand how and when to communicate with your utility company

If state energy users choose to use a competitive supplier or gas marketer, they’ll still communicate with the utility company that services their area. Utility companies are responsible for safely delivering energy supply to homes and businesses. Consumers should contact their utility company to report natural gas or electrical emergencies such as natural gas leaks, damaged pipes, downed power lines or power outages. Most Rhode Island residents and business owners are serviced by National Grid depending on where their home or business is located.

As an energy consumer, it’s important to have access to your utility company’s contact information at all times. The following phone numbers can be used in case of an energy emergency.

National Grid

Report a power outage: 1-800-465-1212

Report a gas emergency: 1-800-640-1595

Updated: 5-24-16.

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