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Last updated 06/08/2022

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Located about 15 miles north of Dallas, Addison is home to 15,000 people and is known as the “Restaurant Capital of Texas.” The city also hosts popular local attractions like the Mary Kay Museum and the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Addison is part of Texas’s deregulated energy market, giving residents the ability to choose their electricity supplier. 

SaveOnEnergy helps you exercise the power to choose energy plans by providing an easy-to-use online marketplace where you can shop and compare electric rates in Addison.

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In Texas, extreme weather means that electricity prices tend to rise and fall over a year. See the data below from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to better understand how residential electric rates fluctuate in the Lone Star State.

At SaveOnEnergy, we encourage you to take advantage of cheap electricity in Addison by using our energy comparison marketplace. Enter your ZIP code to see the current rates in your area.

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You may be thinking: “how do I find the best electricity rates in my area?” With the SaveOnEnergy marketplace, you can browse the best Addison electricity rates and lock in a new plan — all in a few easy steps.

  1. Type in your ZIP code at the top of this page to see rates in your area. 
  2. Choose the plan that’s right for your needs and sign up online or by calling the number on this page. Either way takes only minutes. 
  3. Sit back and enjoy your plan. Your new provider will handle everything, so you don’t have to worry about transferring your service or notifying your utility company.

Green energy in Addison

As more people consider how to reduce their environmental impact, green energy options are gaining popularity. Texas is leading the way as the number one producer of wind energy in the United States. It also comes within the top five for solar power generation.

By default, every electricity plan sold in Texas contains at least some renewable energy. Many suppliers even have 100% green plans. To find out the percentage of green energy in your plan, check the Electricity Facts Label. 

There are also a few Addison electricity providers that only sell green energy plans. Check out Gexa Energy or Iberdrola Texas if you’re interested in buying from one of these companies.

Do you own a business in Addison?

If you’re a business owner in the city, you’re also welcome to use SaveOnEnergy to get the best electricity rates in Addison. Contact one of our commercial energy wizards to learn more and build a custom business electricity plan for your company.

Power outage? Contact Oncor.

When your power goes out, you’ll need to report it to your utility company. In Addison, the utility is Oncor Electric Delivery. Contact Oncor through one of the following channels: 

  • Report an outage via the Oncor outage center or by calling 1-888-313-4747
  • Reach Oncor customer service by emailing or calling 1-888-313-6862

Not sure what kind of energy plan will work for your home?

SaveOnEnergy’s marketplace makes it easy for electricity customers to shop for a new plan. Simultaneously, we also produce helpful guides and resources to help you better understand deregulation and how it impacts you.

For example, our guide to picking a plan offers a useful overview of common energy industry concepts, including contract types and term lengths. Once you’re comfortable with the fundamentals, you can explore some of our other resources, including our tips for finding a no-deposit or prepaid electricity plan.

For any other questions, call the number on this page to speak with a SaveOnEnergy expert today.

Addison electric rates in my area

When you’re searching for a new electricity plan, be sure that you’re viewing rates specific to your area. Some suppliers sell the same plan across the state, but the prices vary depending on where you are due to different utility transmission charges.

In other words, you could have the same plan and provider as someone in another part of Texas but pay a different rate. But you don’t have to conduct a web search for “cheap electricity rates near me” or “best electric rates in my area.” That would generate pages of results and take hours to go through.

There’s a better way find rates near you. Simply enter your ZIP code on this page.

Energy providers and utility companies in Addison

Your utility company is determined based on where you live and holds several essential responsibilities, including responding to outages and overseeing power infrastructure in your area. Here’s how to contact Oncor, the utility in Addison:

  • Visit the outage center or call 1-888-313-4747 to report an outage
  • Contact Oncor customer service at or 1-888-313-6862

As an Addison resident or business owner, you have the power to choose between several electricity providers. Check out suppliers like 4Change Energy, First Choice Power, and TXU Energy.

Following is a list including popular providers in Addison:

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