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Last updated 06/08/2022

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For residents living in or planning to move to Southlake, you have your choice of electric suppliers. This is due to the Texas legislature deregulating electricity service back in 2002. In turn, you now have your choice among providers, so you can find the best rates for you. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for a plan with no deposits or you want to pay as you go, SaveonEnergy can help you. We’re an online marketplace specializing in helping customers find the best electricity rates available for your area. The process is easy to do on your end. Enter your ZIP code to get started. 

Electricity prices in Southlake could go up! Lock in a cheap electricity rate today.

Southlake electricity prices can fluctuate daily. This means if there’s peak demand,  you could end up locking in a higher rate if you sign up for a fixed rate plan at the wrong time of the year.

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When you’re ready to sign up for new electricity service, just follow this process:

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  • Find the best plan for your needs then sign up.
  • Enjoy your plan. Your new provider will handle the rest of setting up and activating your service. 

Green energy in Southlake

If you have or plan on making improvements to your home such as installing solar panels, you’re not alone. Texas is one of the most progressive states as it relates to green energy. The Lone State state scored in the Top 5 in solar generation and leads the country in wind energy generation.

As such, many electric providers accommodate these improvements with renewable energy as part of their plans. Upon finding a plan you like, you can click on the plan details. This brings a drop-down with all the specifics of the plan including how much of it is renewable energy, normally specified in a percentage. 

And if you’re looking for green-only suppliers, you’re in luck. Currently, you can get these plans with Iberdrola Texas, Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.

Do you own a business in Southlake?

Texas has deregulated energy for business too. This allows you to shop among providers to find the lowest Southlake natural gas prices as well as electric. Moreover, SaveonEnergy makes the process easy and quick. Just fill out this form and you’ll receive customized energy solutions that work for you.

Power outage? Contact Oncor.

Contact Oncor through its online outage portal or by calling 1-888-313-4747. 

Not sure what kind of energy plan will work for your home?

No worries, we have plenty of resources to help you choose a plan that’ll work well for you. Our guide on choosing the right plan is full of details about the different types of plans available, which types of rates are right for you, and much more. Furthermore, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at the number on this page, as we’ll be delighted to help you. 

Energy providers and utility companies in Southlake

When choosing service, you might come across Southlake electricity suppliers and utility companies. There’s a distinct difference between the two entities. Providers supply the electricity to the utility companies. The utility companies are responsible for deploying that electricity to your homes and businesses. 

Utilities also handle any repairs that arise, respond to outages, and manage all aspects of residential and commercial account management.

The main utility in Southlake is Oncor. You can contact Oncor at 1-888-313-4747 with any questions about service, billing problems, reporting downed power lines, and more.  

Meanwhile, on the provider front, you’ll have many choices in Southlake. Here are some of the top suppliers available to you:

4Change Energy


Direct Energy 

TXU Energy 

Payless Power

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