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For more than a decade, Ohio businesses and residents have had access to a competitive market, giving customers the privilege of energy choice. Ohio customers can shop and compare electricity and natural gas rates just like any other product or service, comparing quality and price to find the best match.

Ohio natural gas and electric service is separated into two parts: distribution of the energy commodity, which is still regulated and provided exclusively by a local utility, and the retail supply of natural gas or electricity rates. In Ohio, these rates are offered by both the utilities and competitive suppliers. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio ensures that utilities offer regulated energy rates and service remains reliable.

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Looking for the best way to take advantage of energy choice? Ohio natural gas rates and electricity rates can feel confusing and overwhelming at first glance, but there are plenty of opportunities to save. The best way to find competitive energy rates is to thoroughly compare plans from a variety of providers. With the help of SaveOnEnergy.com®, shopping for natural gas and electricity rates in Ohio is easy. Simply enter your ZIP code to view a variety of plans.

Whether you're shopping for natural gas or electricity rates in Ohio, you are likely to see both fixed- and variable-rate plans. A fixed-rate plan offers price protection for the duration of your contract, so you'll know the exact rate you'll pay each month. A variable-rate plan will fluctuate alongside the Ohio natural gas rates and electricity rates markets, which can result in either a lower or higher rate than what you'd get in a fixed-rate plan. Fortunately, many variable-rate plans do not have exit fees, allowing you to secure a fixed-rate plan if rates start going up.

One of the regulations set by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is that the supplier you choose will not impact the delivery of your energy, which is your utility's responsibility. So no matter what Ohio natural gas rates you purchase, your utility will still maintain your energy infrastructure, such as the gas pipes. The same applies for all electricity rates in Ohio. In case of a power outage, it is important to call your utility, not your supplier. You can find the contact information for your local utility on the SaveOnEnergy Ohio state page or the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio website, Energy Choice Ohio.

What is aggregation?

When taking advantage of their energy choice, Ohio customers may come across the term "aggregation." An aggregator is a person, local government or organization that organizes a group of customers to purchase Ohio natural gas or electricity. Depending on the size of the group, the aggregator may be able to negotiate a lower rate for the group's members. However, aggregation is not available statewide.

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With SaveOnEnergy.com, it is easy to take advantage of your energy choice. Ohio residential customers can find rates simply by entering their ZIP code, and business owners can fill out a short informational form and receive a free customized rate quote. Compare natural gas and electricity rates in Ohio to see if you can save!