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Exercise Your Energy Choice in Ohio

Ohio residents and business owners have had access to a competitive energy market for more than 10 years, better known as energy choice in Ohio. Energy choice gives consumers the ability to shop among competitive natural gas and electricity suppliers and compare energy supply rates. Also, customers can shop for features that are most important to them such as innovative products, customer service and green energy.

Ohio’s energy service is separated into two parts: supply and distribution. If you choose to use a retail energy supplier’s service, the company will supply your energy. There might be a wide range of competitive natural gas and electricity suppliers to compare in your area. Keep in mind that if you choose an energy supplier, your utility will still be responsible for distributing energy to your home or business. As a resident or business owner in the Buckeye State, you should take advantage of your energy choice in Ohio.

Shop among natural gas and electricity suppliers

With Ohio energy choice, you have the freedom to compare competitive electricity and natural gas prices in Ohio. This sounds like a daunting process. However, there are plenty of Ohio electricity rates and natural gas rates for supply that could potentially help you better budget your monthly funds. The best way to find an energy supply rate that meets your needs is to compare plans from a wide range of natural gas and electricity suppliers. Here at SaveOnEnergy.com®, we’ve created an energy marketplace to help energy shoppers like you find a suitable supply rate. The process is simple – enter in your ZIP code to view an array of Ohio electricity rates and natural gas rates from leading suppliers in the state!

As you view your offers, you’ll likely notice that different natural gas and electricity suppliers offer different supply options such as secured- and variable-rate plans. A secured-rate supply plan offers customers price protection for the entire contract term. Even with fluctuations in the energy market, you’ll pay the same amount each month. The variable-rate supply plan will fluctuate in response to the market’s competitive Ohio electricity rates and natural gas rates. Because of the market’s unpredictability, you might pay a higher or lower supply rate from month to month. You should take advantage of energy choice in Ohio, but consider researching supply rate offers and narrowing down natural gas and electricity suppliers before you make a decision.

No matter what retail energy supplier you choose, it will not impact the delivery of your energy. Your utility will continue to deliver your energy and maintain gas and electricity lines. In the event of an energy emergency such as a power outage, leak or customer service issue, you’ll want to contact the utility, not your supplier. For your utility’s contact information, visit our Ohio page or the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) website.

Find Ohio electricity rates and natural gas rates today!

With so many energy options, it might be difficult to choose a supply plan that meets the needs of your home or business. SaveOnEnergy.com makes the process simple and wants customers to take advantage of energy choice in Ohio. To find supply rates, residents can enter in their ZIP code and business owners can fill out a simple informational form for a customized quote. Also, you can call today to speak with one of our SaveOnEnergy.com energy representatives!

Updated: 9-24-15.

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