If you're like me, you just can't bear to throw away your Christmas cards. It just feels wrong to send those holiday greetings straight into the trashcan or recycling bin after the season has passed. Because of this, they end up piling up over the years with no real purpose, other than sentiment. So why not make them into something new that pays appropriate homage to the love that went into sending them? Here are five ways to transform your Christmas cards into something festive for the next holiday season.



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1. Turn your Christmas cards into festive placemats. This easy project allows you to feature your holiday cheer, from over the years, right at your dinner table! All you need is a large, rectangular piece of construction paper, scissors or a square punch, glue and a place that laminates nearby. You can even personalize them by focusing on the family photos that are so often a part of holiday cards.




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2. Create a Christmas village out of recycled Christmas cards. Who needs a fancy Christmas village when you can make one out of the cards so lovingly sent to you over the years? All you need is a pattern, glue, a ruler, an X-Acto knife and your old Christmas cards. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even incorporate glitter glue or other decorative accessories.




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3. Make garlands. These are an easy, kid-friendly project and great way to recycle your Christmas cards. All you need is your Christmas cards, a ruler, scissors, string and strong, sticky tape. Simply cut out triangles, or another shape, from the greeting cards and neatly tape them to the string. If you’re worried about the consistency of the shapes, create a pattern to use for each card.




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4. Make ornaments for the tree. Instead of buying glass bulb ornaments that will inevitably end up breaking, use your old Christmas cards to make your own ornaments. With scissors, an X-Acto knife, glue, clothespins, string and wooden beads, you can assemble a beautiful heart house ornament that will brighten up any tree. These also make great gifts!




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5. Assemble a small Christmas tree. Who needs a big, live tree when you can make your own little tree out of holiday cheer past? With a skewer, glue, fancy scissors, a cardboard base and enough Christmas cards, you can build your own Christmas card tree that will liven up the room with joy! If you have enough ambition, you could even make a larger tree with a size-appropriate base and skewer.



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