It's that time again; students from around the country are crossing the stage to collect their diploma and launch their new lives as working professionals. Before they jet off to their successful futures, be sure to pass along valuable knowledge about adulthood that may help them along the way – such as ways to save money and energy at home. Also, don't forget to gift the graduate in your life something special. Whether it's sentimental or practical, we have just the eco-friendly present for your 2017 grad.

Homesick Candles: For the sentimental grad

Photo Credit- Homesick Candles - The Daily WantThe U.S.-made candle company makes scents that remind customers of home – wherever that may be. For many college students leaving their university's state after four years, their home may be their college campus. For those sentimental grads, Homesick Candles offers a distinct fragrance reminiscent of all 50 states. University of Texas grads may find comfort in the 100% soy Texas Homesick Candle which feature notes of dark leather, pine and lemon slices.

Appalachian Mountain Club: For the outdoorsy grad

Photo Credit- AMC - GrouponAppalachian Mountain Club gives members in the Northeast the opportunity to commune with nature and find thrill-seekers like them. Paddling, camping, skiing, climbing and biking are only some of the activities Appalachian Club Members can enjoy with their membership. The under-30 crowd gets admission to these activities for only $25 per year. Members also gain access to exclusive discounts for their outdoor adventures, such as 20% off lodging, books and maps.

The Book Drop: For the literary grad

Photo Credit- The Book Drop - My Subscription AddictionEnglish majors – or the general literary enthusiast – can receive a curated book from an independent bookstore on their doorstep each month with The Book Drop. The subscription service supports independent bookstores, as well as up-and-coming authors most readers haven't heard of yet, to spread the word and ensure subscribers discover a new book. The Book Drop books are hand-picked from Bethany Beach Books in Delaware by staff and publisher representatives who share their choice before a unique pick is sent to you.

WWF Species Adoption: For the conservationist grad

Photo Credit- WWF - InhabitatUnfortunately, neither the African elephants nor beluga whale fit in the apartment of your recent grad. However, for the Earth-loving conservationist in your life, WWF Species Adoptions could be the next best thing. The symbolic adoption helps protect the future of countless species through the WWF's effort to protect wildlife and their habitats. Species Adoptions range from $55 to $250 – all complete with an adoption certificate and a plush toy in the shape of your chosen animal.

North American Reciprocal Museum Association Membership: For the artsy grad

Photo Credit- NARM_Ark ArtsWith nearly 900 cultural, arts and historic institutions in five countries, a North American Reciprocal Museum Association membership is the perfect gift for any art-loving grad. Members receive free admission to museums in the member network which could include botanical gardens or science and technology centers. Other member perks include markdowns at museum shops and discounts on concert or lecture tickets. To join, contact the nearest affiliated institution and join at the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) level.

The Ladders Membership: For the job-seeking grad

Photo Credit- Ladders_ERE MediaMost recent grads can use a little help in finding their dream job right out of college. Many will travel near and far for the perfect job while leaving a hefty carbon-footprint to prove it. For an all-inclusive online tool that helps new job-seekers edit their resume, receive advanced leads on position openings and feedback on applications from their computer, The Ladders membership is key. Once your graduate has snagged the job, The Ladders even gives them salary insights and negotiating tips. Member can also take advantage of news and blogs that may help in their job search and beyond.

Uncommon Goods Embroidered Home Décor: For the grad with school spirit

Photo Credit- Uncommon Goods - RaiseMany graduates leave school with a class ring or other piece of university memorabilia. However, they may not think of displaying their school spirit in their home décor. The collaborative online marketplace Uncommon Goods sells hand-embroidered pillows and dish towels made to order by artisans in Thailand and India. These colorful pieces highlight the best of each university – from Tillman Hall in Clemson University to the Sewell Thomas Stadium at the University of Alabama.

Patagonia Luggage: For the traveling grad

Photo Credit- Patagonia - GrintTVAdventurous grads may spend their summer traveling across foreign lands with nothing but a duffel bag. For this bold crowd, Patagonia luggage is a great gift. Rain or shine, the daring crowd can be sure their belongings are dry thanks to the durable water repellent finish on most luggage. For get-up-and-go travel, the Headway Wheeled Duffel Bag fits most airline carry-on size requirements, and easily collapses after use for easy storage under the bed. Best of all, you can be sure your luggage comes from a good place. Patagonia promotes fair trade practices and safe working environments throughout its supply chain. Shoppers can even learn about the supplier who makes their item on the website.

Are Naturals Kitchen Tools: For the aspiring-chef grad

From hand-crafted bowls from Kenya to serving spoons carved from a Chinese mountain fir, Are Naturals' unique offerings are the perfect gift for any eager chef. Products are handmade, recycled, organic, natural or fairly traded to give customers beautiful home items they can feel good about using. Your recent grad will probably need plenty kitchen items, so you may be glad to hear items start at only $14.

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