There are 84.5 million mothers in the United States, according to the last update from United States Census Bureau. And with 4 million babies born each year — more than 10,000 per day — that number keeps growing. Odds are, you're celebrating lots of mothers this year, whether it's your mom, mother-in-law, wife, sister, a new mom or a friend. So if you're on the hunt for the perfect Earth-friendly Mother's Day gift, these ideas top the charts.

Although these categories may seem ordinary, we've scoured the planet in search of the most eco-friendly options. Whether you're in the market for a handbag, prefer a nice bouquet of flowers or want to dazzle your mom with jewelry, these gifts are sure to impress and keep your carbon footprint at a minimum.


Photo: The Bouqs

1. Flowers

It may seem like you can't go wrong with a bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day, but the fact is, most flowers you buy online or in-store aren't very eco-friendly. If you want to show respect to your mother and the environment opt for sustainably grown flowers this year. The Bouqs offers flowers grown from sustainable farms and only cuts what it needs so not one stem is wasted.

Pictured: The Bouqs' Above and Beyond Bouquet: $40


Photo: Brilliant Earth

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is a smart go-to gift idea if you’re in search of something fancy and feminine for your mother. But it's not always an eco-friendly option. Oftentimes, precious metals and gems are mined in ways that are harmful to the environment and to people. If you're going to splurge on jewelry for Mother's Day, look for a more sustainable option. Brilliant Earth is a great choice for eco-friendly jewelry. Not only does the company select suppliers that adhere to strict labor and environmental standards, but they also use recycled platinum and gold. Through May 11, the company will donate $25 for every product purchased to Maternity Worldwide, an organization that helps mother's in Africa give birth safely.

Pictured: Personalized recycled silver necklace by Brilliant Earth: $120.


3. Cooking classes

If your mom is a master chef (or you would like to subtly hint that she could use some lessons), a cooking class can be the perfect Mother's Day gift. Instead of a trinket, it's knowledge and a skill that your mom can use for the rest of her life. Whole Foods offers a variety of cooking classes. Check your local store for an event calendar.

Try a Whole Foods cooking class for about $30 per person.


Photo: derma e®

4. Skin care
Treat your mom to some luxury, organic skin care products. There are plenty of options on the market. derma e®, for example, produces natural skin care products from eco-friendly farms, packages them with recycled material and invests in renewable energy credits to offset its carbon footprint.

Pictured: derma e® Hands and Feet Set: $45.


Photo: Afterglow Cosmetics

5. Makeup
Along the same lines as skincare, there are plenty of all-natural cosmetic options that might suit your mom. Afterglow Cosmetics offers a line of bio-active mineral makeup that's free from the chemicals and dyes found in most off-the-shelf makeup options. The company is also a big supporter of the fight against breast cancer. When you purchase the company's Organic Infused Hydra Gloss, Afterglow Cosmetics will donate $2 to the Young Survival Coalition.

Pictured: Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Infused Foundation: $36


Photo: Red Thread Movement

6. Donations
You don't have to hand your mom a physical gift this year. Sometimes it's truly the thought that counts. Instead of buying a product, consider making a donation on your mother's behalf. A great option is Through the organization you can make a micro-loan (as little as $25) to help someone in a developing country grow his or her business, pay expenses, purchase an animal, etc. Eventually your mom would get the money back and could donate it again or withdraw it to spend on something else. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Or try donating to the Red Thread Movement. This organization provides Fair Trade income for girls rescued from sex trafficking and also funds safe houses and border units. And if you prefer a physical gift, many of the rescued girls make red bracelets that sell for just $3 to raise awareness and support the cause.

Pictured: Red Thread Movement's bracelet: $3


  Photo: Endangered Species Chocolate

7. Chocolate

You might argue that chocolate is the perfect gift. It's sweet, consumable and usually budget-friendly. Plus there are plenty of eco-friendly chocolate options that won't harm the Earth. With Endangered Species Chocolate you can get your chocolate fix and help the environment. The company makes natural, ethically traded chocolate and uses 10 percent of its profits to support wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.
Pictured: Endangered Species Chocolate Adopt a Giraffe Package: $30


Photo: Indigenous

8. Clothing
If you have a fashionista on your Mother's Day list, organic clothing can make a perfect green gift. Indigenous offers a variety of woman's clothing and accessories made from all-natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk, alpaca and merino wool. All of its dyes are eco-friendly and the company works with more than a dozen Fair Trade organizations to provide support to more than 300 hand-looming and knitting artisan groups in South America.

Pictured: Indigenous' Drape Neck Dress: $75

aroma naturals picture (2)

Photo: Aroma Naturals

9. Candles
Candles can be decorative. They smell nice. And they make for a romantic setting. But one thing most candles aren’t is eco-friendly. Many are infused with chemical-based scents and are made from unrefined paraffin wax, which is derived from crude oil and a blend of other unknown ingredients, sometimes including animal fat. Even worse, some candles have lead-based wicks that release toxins into your home, though these are banned in the United States. There are, however, natural options available. Aroma Naturals' Soy VegePure line uses all-natural vegetable, bee and soy waxes, lead-free wicks and pure essential oils to ensure that your loved ones can enjoy a candle without breathing in anything harmful.

Pictured: Aroma Natural's Soy VegePure Square Glass in Tranquility: $16.50


Photo: Bambeco

10. Gardening supplies
For the outdoorsy mom, gardening supplies can be a huge hit. Bambeco sells an excellent selection of eco-friendly gardening products from lighting options to plants. No matter what your mother's taste, you can rest assured that Bambeco's products are made from the most sustainable materials. The company also donates to environmental causes, such as the World Wildlife Fund, and gives its employees paid time off each month to volunteer.

Pictured: Bambeco's Hanging Egg Aeriums: $25

maggie bags

Photo: Maggie Bags

Honorable mention: Handbags
From bandages and snacks to hand sanitizer and money, a mom's purse often has to hold it all. Equip your mom with the tool she needs, but go for an environmentally friendly option. Maggie Bags uses automotive seat belt webbing to make beautiful handbags. Millions of yards of seat belt webbing are rejected each year due to strict government safety standards. Maggie Bags buys up the unused material to keep it from the landfill.

Pictured: Maggie Bags' Butterfly Bag: $114

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