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5 Earth-Loving Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s birthday is around the corner and you know what that means: presents! For those of you who’ve waited till the last minute to buy your beau something special, fear not: We’re here to recommend some gifts your sweetheart – and the Earth – will love.


1. Faux flowers with real Earth benefits

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day classic, but keeping them alive past President’s Day is nearly impossible. Our simple solution? Faux flowers! EcoFlower offers a wide variety of bouquets, home décor accents and even subscription boxes of “forever flowers” made from recycled, sustainable and biodegradable materials. The flowers are hand carved from a tapioca plant derivative, so they look real and last forever – no watering required.

TEMPLATE faux flowers

2. Light up the night with organic candles

Ladies love a quality candle, but did you know that most synthetic candles are made with paraffin and lead wicks? Studies show burning synthetic candles releases unsafe levels of toxins into the air, essentially causing indoor air pollution. Skip the synthetics and opt for an organic candle made with soy or beeswax and essential oils; essential oils offer therapeutic benefits, and beeswax has been shown to actually purify the air when burned. Red Flower offers a range of organic candles with dreamy scents and the right amount of ambiance for your next date night.

TEMPLATE vday (1)

3. Signature scents, sponsored by nature

A nice bottle of perfume is another V-day staple, and while you can’t go wrong with the big-name brands, why not gift your significant other an all-natural, eco-approved original scent? One Seed has just what you need; created with organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients and sustainable packaging, the Australian brand has floral, fresh and woody scents, with an option to customize your own. Not sure which she’ll like the best? Try the perfume sample kit and let her decide for herself!

TEMPLATE vday (2)

4. Eco-friendly chocolates as sweet as she is

Instead of picking up a cliché heart-shaped box of chocolates from your local drug store, treat your date to an indulgent experience with Alter Eco’s range of chocolates, truffles, clusters and more. Made with organic ingredients sourced from family-farms in Bolivia, Thailand and Ecuador, Alter Eco believes that social responsibility and sustainable practices are essential to its core values and business. Ship your loved ones a Sweet Treat Valentine’s Box – and get one for yourself, you deserve it. Just don’t forget to recycle the packaging when you’re done!

TEMPLATE vday (3)

5. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

If you’re still not sure what gift to get, heed the wise words of Marilyn Monroe and invest in a piece of environmentally-conscious diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth takes its diamonds seriously; the company goes above and beyond simply conflict-free diamonds to provide its customers a selection of GIA-certified gems that follow safe labor practices, limit environmental degradation and support community development in the areas they are sourced. The Earth will love you for it, and so will your partner.

TEMPLATE vday (4)

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