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Green living doesn't have to break the bank

Group of friends help set up a small garden in a backyard
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If you think green living has to cost more, you’re mistaken, according to, which recently created the following infographic that looks at ways you can live a more sustainable life without breaking the bank.

Some of it is common sense: Make short trips on your bike instead of your in your car, step up your recycling game, buy a more efficient vehicle – whether it’s a more efficient gas vehicle or an electric model – and switching to reusable towels instead of paper.

But every tip is geared toward reducing waste and saving the earth. Remember, this planet is the only one we have.

Click below to see CouponChief’s infographic:

Cheap Green Living Guide for Saving the Planet –

Check out these 41 ways you can go green without breaking the bank, and where you’re likely to spend more when doing your part to save our planet.

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