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Six Green Gadgets You Wish You Already Owned

Woman reading her ebook in an outdoor cafe while charging it with a small portable solar panel
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No one likes to be behind the curve when it comes to technology. Who isn’t impressed by a car that can drive itself or a watch that can track your health? However, being ahead of the curve isn’t always about super expensive devices that can perform humanly impossible tasks. Sometimes when technology meets your environmental side, interest peaks and you want that cool, new green gadget. Below are six devices that are both good for you and the environment.

1. AMPware case for iPhone

Almost everyone has a phone case. It plays an essential part in keeping your phone safe. Most people have phone chargers, and some have phone cases that charge their phone. What they might not have is a phone case that charges their phone without using energy from the grid.

The AMPware phone case for iPhone® 6/6s uses kinetic energy to charge or recharge a phone. The on-board generator uses a crank on the back of the case to generate power, with up to 1 amp of charge. Per the AMPware website, two minutes of cranking can generate enough energy to revive a dead battery to make an emergency call. Ten minutes of cranking could generate enough power to keep your phone alive for up to two hours of normal use. This case could come in handy in the event of a severe storm or weekend camping trip.

2. Sun Strap

If you’re in the market for an inconspicuous and portable solar panel that can charge a USB device, then you might want to consider Sun Strap by Janulus. Sun Strap can transform any bag, leash, bike or camera band into a solar-powered charging device. It has a built-in 5,800 mAh battery to store energy when the sun’s rays aren’t available, and the device’s materials are water resistant, giving you peace of mind when using it outdoors.


If you’re interested in how the environment is affecting your health, and want to learn more about staying healthy, take a look at TZOA. This small tracker can clip onto almost anything you own and measure UV index, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature and overall air quality. With its companion smartphone app, TZOA can crowdsource data from other TZOA devices and compare air quality across different neighborhoods, cities or countries. If allergens easily affect you, this little device could come in handy.

4. Waterpebble

It’s no surprise that the United States wastes water. Long showers, forgetting to turn the spigot when brushing your teeth and leaving water running when washing dishes all contribute to water waste. If you feel a bit guilty, then consider investing in a Waterpebble.

The Waterpebble is a water-activated timer for your shower to help you conserve water. The device can sense when you turn on your shower, and indicator lights tell your how well you’re conserving water. If the device is flashing green, you have plenty of time. When it turns orange, you should start rinsing off. When the red light begins flashing, it’s time to hop out of the shower. As stated on the website, Waterpebble can save 12,700 gallons of water every year for a family of four.


We live in a tech-centered world, and the usage of batteries is immeasurable. Rechargeable batteries have proven their worth in the world, but as society becomes more technologically minded, there are fewer outlets available to charge all these batteries. USB ports are becoming as ubiquitous as batteries themselves, so why not combine the technology? Moixa offers an AA rechargeable battery that recharges through USB. The battery, USBCELL, can be used hundreds of times and charges within a few minutes to provide hours of use.

6. Sprout watches

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish when telling time. Sprout makes eco-friendly timepieces that help preserve Earth’s resources. While the watches may look cool, its materials are even cooler. Many Sprout watches use biodegradable corn resin in place of the synthetic plastic used in a typical watch. Sprout’s other main materials include organic cotton, cork, bamboo, recycled fibers and mercury-free batteries. If you’re interested in staying on time and reducing your carbon footprint, then a Sprout watch might be your best purchase.

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