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8 ways to have a kid-friendly Earth Day

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All Texans can be taught the importance of saving energy – including the youngest Lone Star residents. This year, consider kid-friendly Earth Day activities to help your children build energy-saving habits.

While young children aren’t equipped to help with large energy efficiency projects, there are plenty of ways kids can learn to reduce a household’s energy bill. Even the simplest energy-saving habits can make a difference – and even small energy savings can result in lower monthly electricity bills. So how do you get the little ones on board?

For starters, it’s easy to plan fun energy saving lessons that entertain children without feeling like a chore. Present games, challenges, and responsibilities, which will not only help kids understand why energy saving is important but will also encourage them to adopt good energy-saving habits of their own. Most younger kids will be able to understand simple concepts like how to turn off a light when they leave a room or how to open the blinds and use natural light when possible. Energy-saving activities can get more complex with older kids through topics such as the differences in energy sources.

Ready for some energy-saving inspiration? We’ve compiled 8 simple tips on teaching kids how to save energy. Next Sunday Funday, gather the family up and try introducing a few of them. You may even consider a little reward if you notice your family’s energy bill goes down. Ice cream, anyone? (We’ll leave the reward part up to you).

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