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Texas leads the country in sustainable practices

Texas leads the country in sustainable practices

When people think of Texas, most minds will jump to cattle ranches, barbecue, and a booming oil industry. But did you know the Lone Star State produces the most green energy in the country? It might be hard to believe, but Texas offers several sustainable initiatives that benefit the environment – and some can even lead to lower monthly energy bills. Following are a few examples of sustainable practices and events that Texas has to offer.

  • This April, Dallas will host the EarthX 2020 Conference, which just so happens to fall on Earth Day. This conference is the world’s leading forum for sustainability aimed towards educating and inspiring people to lead sustainable lives. Featuring an eco-art competition, green speaker series, and ethically-sourced food, EarthX 2020 is sure to be out of this world.
  • Land conservation and sustainable agriculture practices are on the rise in Texas. As a prime example, see the Bamberger Ranch in Blanco County, TX. In 1969, J. David Bamberger purchased 5,500 acres of worn-out land. He spent the past 50 years restoring this land to its original beauty. Since the founding of the Bamberger Ranch, many other agriculture initiatives have begun in Texas.
  • In an effort to combat the country’s waste problem, the Lone Star State created STAR – the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling. STAR hopes to educate Texans about the benefits of recycling and advocates for the recycling industry. From learning opportunities to recycling bin grants, STAR is helping the environment one recycled plastic bottle at a time.
  • Electric vehicles are almost 44 percent cheaper to fuel in Texas than gas-powered vehicles. In fact, the Lone Star State boasts nearly 1,000 EV charging stations across the state (to see a charging station directory, click here). Electric vehicles produce less carbon emissions, which are the leading cause of climate change. With more electric vehicles on the road, Texans can contribute to a greener future.
  • The Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute (TSERI) is adding to the sustainable movement, too! Founded at the University of Texas at San Antonio, TSERI partners with its community to research and contribute to a “new energy future.” TSERI’s ongoing projects include research on carbon capture and reutilization, energy conservation, and solar panel integration. TSERI also provides many opportunities for student involvement.
  • Texas is a big state, and that means more sun shining down on Texas land! This explains why Texas is the fifth-largest producer of solar power in the country. In October of 2019, Texas produced 5 percent of the country’s total solar-generated power. It’s nice to see the Lone Star State putting all that extra-hot sunshine to good use.
  • Arguably the most impactful sustainable practice in Texas is wind energy. Texas leads the nation in wind-generated power, producing more than 30 percent of U.S. electricity coming from wind. With some of the tallest wind turbines in the country, it’s no wonder Texas is wind-ing up on sustainability.
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