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Top U.S. Cities for Walking

If you live within a few miles of your workplace, you can avoid traffic and save money on gas by walking to work. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, and it’s a great way to stay in shape. The American Heart Association recommends adults walk 30 minutes each day for reduced risks of heart disease and stroke, along with countless other health benefits. Change up your routine and try walking to work. A small change for you can make a big difference for our planet.

Large Cities

1. Ithaca, NY: Since Ithaca, in Tompkins County, is home to Cornell University and Ithaca College, it is well designed for walking. It’s popular for students to walk to class, especially since it’s often too snowy to ride bikes. Outside of walking to class, there are many hiking and walking trails so people can see the beauty of Ithaca Falls and Cayuga Lake.

2. Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria, VA: There are so many things to see in our country’s capital, it’s not surprising walking is so popular there. Choose from educational walking tours from DC Walkabout or scenic strolls with your friends. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment close to work, walking is the easiest and greenest way to avoid the traffic. That must be why more than 12% of D.C. area residents walk to work.

3. State College, PA: Students at Penn State University are used to walking to class every day. Outside of campus, walking is the best way to get to the shops and restaurants in downtown. The State College Tree Walk is also a popular place to walk. If walking to work isn’t an option for you, try catching the CATA bus or using RideShare or VanPool to carpool so you can still stay green within the Centre Region.

4. Iowa City, IA

5. Flagstaff, AZ

Medium Cities

1. Pullman, WA: Also listed as one of our overall top green cities, Pullman is known for its eco-friendly initiatives. Students of Washington State University frequently walk to class, of course. But more than 16% of residents also reported walking as a means of transportation. Popular walking spots include the Downtown Pullman Riverwalk and the Downtown Historic Walking Tour.

2. Athens, OH: Residents in Athens and nearby towns have access to bike rentals and public transportation, but more than 15% of residents frequently walk. There are many local walking trails if you’re looking for a scenic route. The Athens health department also has a walking guide for county residents to take planned walking routes.

3. Moscow, ID: Moscow lies in northern Idaho on the Washington border. In downtown Moscow, residents can hop on the Amtrak, the local buses or the SMART Transit. Additionally, walking is a popular and eco-friendly way residents get from place to place. More than 13% of area residents reported walking as a frequent method of transportation. The Latah Trail is one of the most popular routes for walkers and bikers in the area.

4. Houghton, MI

5. Laramie, WY

Small Cities

1. Vermillion, SD: Residents of Vermillion know how to go green. Vermillion is on our small city list for walking, biking and overall green transportation. The University of South Dakota is in Vermillion, and college students often walk to class and work. The city also maintains a trail for biking and walking along the Vermillion River.

2. Ketchikan, AK: Ketchikan is also one of our overall green cities. Approximately 11 percent of people walk to get around town. There are 64 points of interest in the Downtown and West End areas, and everything is close enough to walk so residents can easily walk to work.

3. Jackson, WY: Jackson is on four out of five of our top cities lists. Since Jackson, is in such a beautiful part of our country, it’s no surprise walking is a popular way of getting around. More than 11% of area residents reported walking as one of their main methods of transportation.

4. Breckenridge, CO

5. La Grande, OR

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