Commercial and industrial electric customers in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and other areas of Pennsylvania are paying too much for their electricity supply if they continue to buy power from their local utility, such as PECO, PPL, and Duquesne Light.

That's because, with the competition that has been introduced into Pennsylvania's electric market, multiple energy suppliers now compete for your business.

By shopping for a new plan, businesses can maximize the head-to-head competition among electric suppliers, which results in big savings versus the utility's "Price to Compare." The price to compare is the electric rate you pay if you don't shop for an alternative electric supplier.

For example for small and mid-sized businesses at PECO in the Philadelphia area (Rate GS, under 100 kW), the Price to Compare is 9.42 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).  With the competition available, these same businesses can find rates as low as the 7-cent range, which is a savings of about 20%.  Larger businesses can save even more on their electric rate

Non-shopping small and medium business customers at PPL pay a Price to Compare of 7.605 cents per kWh (Rate Classes GS-1, GS-3). With the competition made possible through deregulation, PPL small business customers can find rates under 7 cents per kWh, in the 6-cent range, with lower rates available for larger businesses.

And at Duquesne Light in the Pittsburgh area, some small businesses are paying a Price to Compare of nearly 6.3 cents per kWh if they do not shop for an alternative electric supplier. Small business customers at Duquesne Light can find electric rates under 6 cents per kWh, for savings of over 10%.


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