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Met-Ed is one of 10 regulated distribution companies owned by FirstEnergy Corporation. FirstEnergy, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, serves 6 million customers from the Great Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic shore. In its service territory covering six states, the corporation generates nearly 17,000 megawatts of electricity over 24,000 miles of transmission lines. Met-Ed is one of four electricity options in PA owned by FirstEnergy, and services 560,000 customers throughout 15 Pennsylvania counties.

Energy choice and electricity options in PA

In 1997, the electric utility industry in Pennsylvania became deregulated. This means consumers throughout the state now have the power to choose an electric energy supplier through the Public Utility Commission's PA Power Switch program. The PUC program gives businesses and residents their local utility price to compare to suppliers and choose a competitive energy rate.

As an electric distribution company, Met-Ed distributes power to consumers in eastern Pennsylvania. With competitive rates, consumers can select alternative energy companies to supply their electricity. However, it isn't necessary for someone in Pennsylvania to choose a supplier other than their distributor. If there is not a plan in the marketplace that better suits your needs, you can stay with Met-Ed as both your supplier and distributor.

System reliability

FirstEnergy and Met-Ed are investing in an initiative to upgrade and strengthen its transmission system to meet consumer demands. This initiative is set to continue until 2017. In addition to the transmission system investment, Met-Ed is enhancing system reliability by conducting tree trimming in its service area. Tree trimming contributed to the maintenance of clearances around electric circuits, helping reduce tree-related power outages. By the end of 2016, Met-Ed expects to have trimmed more than 2,300 miles of electric lines.

Severe weather and outages

In the event of a fallen power line near your area, notify Met-Ed as quickly as possible. By reporting outages or system damage as soon as you experience any, you are expediting the process of power restoration. A crew will dispatch to determine the extent and cause of the outage, quickly repairing as safely as possible. Met-Ed encourages people to always keep a safe distance between them and any downed lines.

To stay up to date with any severe weather alerts, meter readings, and power outages, be sure to sign up for email and text message service alerts.

  • Area served: Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Outage phone number: 1-888-544-4877

Updated: 2-9-16.